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Cheapest Tuition Universities In Austria

Many students cannot afford to pay high tuition fees to study in top countries like UK, Australia, US etc, so they decide to search for countries with cheapest tuition universities for international students. A lot of universities in Europe have very affordable tuition fees but we are not going to talk about most of them today. We are going to focus on Austria and you all know how we do it, we shall talk about their tuition fees, cost of living, admission requirements, visa requirements etc. Without much waste of time, let’s kick the ball rolling.

Austria which in the past was referred to as the Republic of Austria is a landlocked country situated in central Europe. The country has about nine states including the capital Vienna which is a very popular city in the country.

Cost Of Study In Austria

The tuition fees charged by universities in Austria is very low and affordable. Infact, the country has one of the cheapest tuition universities in Europe. The language of instruction is English and German, meaning that some programs are taught in English while others are taught in German language. Most of their bachelors programs are instructed in German language while a good number of postgrauate programs are instructed in English language.

The tuition fees charged by these universities are quite cheap and affordable and usually in the range of 1000 to 2000 euro per year which can also be paid in two installments.

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Cost Of Living In Austria

Cost of living is a metrics that lets you know how much to spend in a country as a student. Cost of living varies from country to country. In Austria for example, cost of living is estimated at 800 to 1000 euro per year depending on your lifestyle. This amount should cover the cost of your feeding, accommodation, buying of books, transportation , recreation etc. Please note that the Austrian embassy will want to see that you have this amount in your account when you are applying for visa. Now let us look at some of the top cheapest tuition universities in Austria.

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Cheapest Tuition Universities In Austria

Let us now look at some of the top cheapest universities in Austria that offer qualitative education for international students.

  1. University Of Vienna
  2. University Of Graz
  3. University Of Innsbruck
  4. Vienna Medical University
  5. University of Salzburg
  6. Graz University Of Technology
  7. University of Linz

University Of Vienna

The University of Vienna, which is one of the public university’s in Austria is located in Vienna and was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in the year 1365. It is the biggest university in the German speaking world and one of the biggest in Europe. In total, the school has about 55 bachelors programs, 109 masters programs, 13 doctoral degrees etc.

University Of Graz

The University Of Graz is one of Austria’s top public university, located in Graz. It is the largest university in Styria and also the second largest in Austria. The university was founded in the year 1585and has about 6 faculties, the largest being faculties of humanities and natural sciences. Other top faculties in the school include, faculty of law, faculty of business, faculty of economics and social sciences.

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University Of Innsbruck 

University Of Innsbruck which is located in the capital of the Austrian federal state is a public university in Austria. There’s a total of 28,000 people studying there at the moment and every year around 4000 new students start their study programs. The university has about 41 bachelors programs, 60 masters programs and 26 PhD programs as at 2022/2023 academic year.

University Of Salzburg

This university which is otherwise referred to as Paris Lodron University of Salzburg is one of Austria’s top public university. The school was founded in the year 1622 and has around 18,000 students in total. The university also has about 6 faculties which includes the following; Economics, Cultural Sciences, Catholic Theology, Social sciences, Natural Sciences and Analytical and Life Sciences.

How To Apply For Admission

Applying for admission into these universities is pretty easy. All you have to do is apply online through the University’s portal. Before you start your application, ensure you have all required documents ready for upload. If you are applying for an undergraduate program, the documents usually asked or requested are high school certificate, valid international passport.

For postgraduate studies, a good bachelors degree and transcripts, a statement of purpose, two reference letters, a valid international passport etc. Once you have all these documents, search for your program on the university portal, create an account with them and start working on the admission process.


This is how far we shall go on this article, cheapest tuition universities in Austria. If you want to apply for admission, kindly contact the university and get more information about their admission requirements and application process. If you cannot do this on your own, do well to hire the services of a qualified travel agent who will help with the entire process.

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