Crawford University Cut-Off Mark 2024/2025

Securing admission into Crawford University is a prestigious achievement, and understanding the factors influencing cut-off marks can be the key to success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the major determinants of Crawford University’s cut-off marks, highlight courses with the highest and lowest cut-off marks, and provide valuable tips to help aspiring students not only meet but exceed these thresholds.

Factors Influencing Crawford University Cut-Off Marks:

  1. Number of Applicants: The competitiveness of a course is directly proportional to the number of applicants it attracts. Higher demand results in elevated cut-off marks to select the best candidates.
  2. Availability of Slots: Limited slots intensify competition, leading to higher cut-off marks. Courses with more vacancies may have comparatively lower cut-off marks.
  3. Academic Performance of Applicants: The overall academic scores and grades of applicants contribute to determining cut-off marks. Higher-performing applicants may necessitate an increase in the cut-off mark.
  4. University Admission Policies: Changes in the university’s admission policies and priorities can influence cut-off marks. Adjustments align with the administration’s goals for incoming students.
  5. Demand for Graduates: Courses with high demand in the job market tend to attract more applicants, resulting in higher cut-off marks. Courses with less demand may have more relaxed cut-off marks.

Crawford University Cut-Off Marks for Various Courses:

  • Highest Cut-Off Mark Courses:
    • Biochemistry
    • Accounting
    • Banking and Finance
    • English Language
    • Mass Communication
  • Lowest Cut-Off Mark Courses:
    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Physics/Electronics
    • Computer Science
    • Information Technology
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • History and International Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Religious Studies
    • Business Education
    • Early Childhood Education
    • English Education
    • Mathematics Education
    • Physics Education
    • Chemistry Education
    • Business Administration
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Public Administration
    • Sociology
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Tips to Meet or Exceed Crawford University Cut-Off Marks:

  1. Target Courses Strategically: Opt for less competitive courses to increase chances of meeting cut-off marks.
  2. Excel in WAEC/NECO Exams: A strong performance in these exams significantly boosts overall scores.
  3. Ace the JAMB Exam: Thorough preparation for JAMB UTME is crucial, given its weight in the admission process.
  4. Post-UTME Preparation: Intensive preparation for post-UTME exams enhances your chances of success.
  5. Apply Early: Early applicants stand a better chance before cut-off marks rise too high.
  6. Participate in Extracurricular Activities: Outstanding achievements in extracurricular activities can earn additional admission points.
  7. Consider JAMB Retake: If necessary, retaking JAMB to improve scores can boost admission chances.


Gaining admission to Crawford University requires dedication, strategic planning, and adherence to cut-off marks. This guide has provided insights into the factors influencing cut-off marks, highlighted courses with varying thresholds, and offered practical tips for aspiring students. By following these recommendations, students can enhance their chances of securing a coveted spot at Crawford University.

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