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Express Entry Canada: Immigration to Canada through skill workers

Immigration to Canada through skill worker is one of the categories of Express Entry prioritized mainly on work skills and experience.

How to know if you’re eligible for Workers skilled program

Immigrants hoping to migrate to Canada for permanent residency through skilled workers are expected to match some certain expectations, If you’re able to possess the basic needs for the application then you can apply while counting on the odd to be in your favor.

below are the basic requirements for eligibility in skilled workers program

In each way you want it, before qualifying for the skilled workers, you must posses at least one of the following required items.

• Qualified for Arranged Employment with a Labour Market Opinion and a full-time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer.

• At least not less than one year of non stop full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 24 eligible occupations

• The applicant must be able to speak either English or French

• Completed a PhD in Canada, or have completed two years of study in Canada for a PhD, at any recognized institution in Canada.

How are Skilled Worker Applicants Evaluated?

After passing out by having any of the above mentioned requirements, then the big deal is how to be selected for the program.

The program is evaluated based on some certain factors about their personal circumstances and are given points for each of the phenomenon depending on your performance. the bigger your points, the higher your potential of gaining the trust confidence and grabbing the Programme.

In summary, the Canadian Immigration skilled workers program contains some series of conditions and evaluations.

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The first thing is how to be eligible, second is to determine your points and figure out the appropriate point for your eligibility, dish out to find the eligible occupations and then submit your application. the six factors for determining the applicants eligibility are;

• Work Experience

• Educational standard

• Ability to communicate in English or French

• Age

• Adaptability

• Wither they have arranged employment in Canada.

How many point do I need to qualify for the Program

Of courses there is threshold points before you can qualify, not everyone having points will necessary be eligible as it will not make any sense.

Before you can qualify you will have to score up to 67 points out of the 100 points available. if you’re able to score up to 67 or away bigger, then this will also increase your gaining potential for the Visa.

You do not only need points, you will equally show proof of your financial status to avoid being a liability when you have gotten to Canada, you will have to cater for yourself and take any responsibility for yourself.

How do I calculate the points ?

Knowing too well that you will need to have the required points, then the need to know how to calculate your points then should be considered.

this is how to calculate your points.

Your points is based on CRS system, the Canadian government rank your profile in Express Entry pool based on the score provided by the CRS.

The CRS system calculator work on the principles that the number of the questions you answers determines as it will calculate your scores and at the same time rank your profile based on that, either you’re eligible for the program or not will then be determined by the CRS.

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What If I Don’t Get Enough Points to Qualify?

Once you did not meet up with the required points (67), it does not mean all hope Is gone, you can still try your luck according to the policy, the immigration officer in charge can make any positive decision on the candidate if he/she feels that the candidate can thrive and make a positive impacts on himself if he secure a Visa to Canada for permanent residency. this make it clear that if you didn’t meet up with the required points, you can plead or perhaps find a way to convince the officers to get you approved.

Going by this rule, the immigration officers can also make decisions on their own if they are suspicious you might not be able to establish yourself economically when you have entered Canada even if you score way more thant the required points which is 67.

This makes it sometimes to bewilder as to what in essence is the exact criteria if the points are not applicable for approval sometimes. but in reality it matters a lot because the policy applies in rare cases.

Even before then you’ll have to figure out the available occupations for the Federal Skilled workers.

Well at the moment they’re about 24 eligible list of occupation for the FSW, on the other hand, there is 5000 streams of cap and 300 Sub caps application for the lists

The eligible occupation include.

• Medical laboratory technologists,

•Medical laboratory technicians

• Chemical engineers

• Mining engineers

• Geological engineers,

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• Engineering managers,

• Financial and investment analysts,

•Geoscientists and oceanographers

• Civil engineers,

• Mechanical engineers,

• Petroleum engineers,

• Aerospace engineers,

• Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers)

• Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics,

• Land surveyors,

• Computer programmers and interactive media developers,

• Occupational Therapists,

• pathologists’ assistant

• Audiologists and speech-language pathologists,

• Physiotherapists,

• Respiratory therapists,

• Medical sonographe

• clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists

• Medical radiation technologists,

• Cardiology technicians electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c.

• Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety

If you meet up with all the requirements and you equally get the maximum required pint, then you will be directed to pick your card at the immigration office with a maximum of 80 days to get the card, while coming for the card, it is important to bring your older card along with you. this is why you should not submit your older PR card along with the application.

One of the advantage of the new policy is that it allows permanent residents to travel out of Canada and also to return to Canada if they still have their PR card, while their application for renewal is in process in Canada.


All candidates applying for the Federal Skilled Workers should be wary of the new minimum language outset. that is’,
Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) 7 or Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.
They must proved either through writing, speaking, reading using a third-party language test from an organization designated by the Minister and the test report will be submitted along with your application to CIC department.

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