How to get a Job in Canada

How to get a Job in Canada

It is of the biggest dreams of many adults to work in a foreign countries most especially the developed countries like Canada with a lot of opportunities for them to explore.

Of recent, Canada has gotten a shortage of skillful workers in their various industries, due to this, they have been recruiting a lot of foreign workers on various skills and the application is opened for every individuals from different nationalities, all you have to do is to hurry up and start the process as early as possible.

To get a job in Canada, it requires you a lot of time sacrifices and hard times. the requirements might be a hurdle for many and in some cases it may be a bit easy for others in a rare cases.

In this article, I will write in details the various ways of getting Canada job as a foreigner without wasting much of your time and resources.

They’re varieties of ways of Securing a Job in Canada by foreigners, although it is usually of two types, in most cases, you’re required to have a job offer before migrating to Canada permanently, contrary to that, they’re some entries that don’t require you to have a job offer before migrating to Canada. such could be Canada student work permit and many more.

before the end of the article, I’ll explain them in details

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below are they,


Networking is a good way if not the best and most transparent ways of securing a job in Canada, this is made easier if you have friend, relatives or any third party in Canada and will be willing to help you out when there is need for any.

Knowing someone and probably the right one at the moment is the best way to get hold of a networking job in Canada from a Canadian employer as a foreigner or an international job seeker.

After the employment or during the offer, you’re entitled to evaluate either or not the job is a good one or not depending on whether or not your employer can acquire a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA, formerly know as LMO).

The Canadian LMIA is a licensed permission from the Canada government particularly the Ministry of Employment and Social Development to Canadian employers to hire a foreign worker for a job in which no Canadian citizen or permanent resident can be found.

However it is worth knowing that the Canadian LMIAs are given based on the needs of the Canadian economy to employ a certain individual at that particular time, this is where the case lies, you’re likely to be out of luck if they’re many job seekers in an area in Canada vying for the same job you’re looking for. so supposing there’s need for an accountant in a particular sector and they’re lots of unemployed accountants in that particular area, then automatically the odd is not by your side  as a foreigner.


Agency work is equally one of the best place to apply for a job as a foreigner looking forward to working it Canada.

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Although finding a needing agencies that recruits new job seekers might be a bit cumbersome especially the one that is focused on your profession particularly, but trust me finding the  right one is solely one of the best decision if you’re lucky.

Needn’t forget, they’re lots of agencies that are opened to recruit foreigners wishing to work in any Canadian agency however, some are not allowed or licensed to employ foreigners, this is why you should always read explicitly about a job offer before jumping into it to apply.

Canvassing Employer 

The canvassing employer is also an opened Canadian institutes that employ workers based on the need of the Canadian government owing to the economy diversity.

It requires you to be smart and initiative at first, if you’re considering seeking a job in Canada, you can assume  the first person to initiate that by calling or sending an email to an employer who might need a service of a certain skills you posses.

This method of seeking employment is sometimes quick and advisable because normally, employees see values in who take initiative and are always considered.

Online Resources

The online resources as you might be thinking is obviously the best way to seek job in Canada, but quite knowing, we can observe that it is the least considered method of employment in Canada.

Of course seeking employment from online by consulting online job sites is something you can do from home but considering the volumes of Canadian citizens vying for that, it is not encouraging to prioritize seeking your job in that aspect.

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Bank Job

Of course every countries uses banks and it is one of the most surplus employment opportunities hub for individuals wishing to work.

Although many Canadian are always at the topnotch of working there, however, it is very advisable to seek a job there since they’re lots of them recruiting workers on daily basis.


With the emergence of fast rising technology, people are no longer interested in suffering themselves again. social networks also serves as one of the best section for employment.

Within a short time, a publisher might just announce a job vacancy and through the LinkedIn, any hopeful employee can easily apply there. you can easily sign up for LinkedIn by creating a profile account with them.

Job Sites

They’re numbers of Canadian Job sites you can use and apply for job easily. the likes of indeed, Monster and Workopolis are very efficient and are of known reputations for their credibility. while using any of the mentioned or any other Canadian job site, you should be conscious to use a Canadian website.

The most important of them is indeed since it compiles job from others like Monster, workpolis and the others.

Aside freshly applying to the above job offer institutions, you have many alternative to work in Canada as a skilled worker, through student work permit, and work after graduation from a Canadian universities.

Although they’re very Expensive but the process requires little or less hurdles.

To know more about Canada job offers, you can check the website of the department of immigrations.

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