How To Get Canada Work Visa

How To Get Canada Work Visa

When it comes to seeking opportunities abroad, then Canada is one of the most considerate place to choose as a foreigner, due the country’s development, a lot of immigrants from different parts of the world are always applying there for works and no doubt, the country is receiving a lot of applicants yearly.

In every year more than 200,000 candidates are being given work visa to live and work in Canada. with the rates at which the numbers of applicants are increasing, it is expected of everyone to be wary of the method of the Canadian applications process by determining their criterion for choosing candidates in other to beats the Competitors.

To be qualified to work anywhere in Canada, you’re expected to obtain a Canadian work permit or work visa, this is more like your identification card or a license during your working time in the country.

How do I obtain Canada work Visa

Although they’re some certain jobs careers that do not require you to obtain a Canada work visa before moving to Canada.

These are the skilled workers which are under the NAFTA agreement. such workers are not expected to obtain the Canadian work visa before coming to the country to work.

they are

• Intra-Company Transferees.

• The International Experience Canada participants often regarded as the Working Holiday Permit holders

• Those who are Post-Graduate and are working temporary with their work permit are not expected to obtain Canada work Permit

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• Those holding Bridging Open Work Permit/Visa

• All the participants in the private academic exchanges such as visiting lectures and postdoctoral are not expected to obtain that too.

The above programs are reclassified as ‘International Mobility Programs and hence visa exempted.

Who is eligible for the Canadian Work Permit?

To be eligible for the Canadian work permit or work Visa, you’re expected to belong to at least one of the below mentioned categories, although they’re some certain categories which are not mentioned, nevertheless they’re subclasses under the mentioned skills programs.

• The Applications of Federal Skilled Trades Program

• Applicants of the Federal Skilled Worker

• Canadian Experience Class Applicants

• The Provincial Nominees applicants


How do I obtain the Canadian work Visa

The Canadian visa is issued by the Human Resources and Skills Development. it is quite simple on mare assumption but the process can be troublesome in most cases since it requires a lot of time sacrifices and sometimes some capitals may be involved, in other to avoid any wasted efforts, one should be guided on the basic needs and requirements before proceeding the application processes.

To obtain the Canadian work permit, they’re series of steps you will have to follow which ranges from, Applying for labor market opinion, then extends job offers to the said foreigner, and followed by applying for the Canadian work permit or work visa after being offered the job by your employer, then following your arrival in Canada at the entry port, your Work permit/ Visa will be issued to you.

Let’s break it down

Step 1: Check for Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) Qualifications

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Recall that they’re certain requirements and criteria for issuing work visa in Canada, the respected candidates before any act of visa proceses should check if he/she is qualified for the Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA) which is long known as LMOs.

Step 2: The employer should extends Job Offer to the foreign worker.

After undergoing the above process, then the employer will send an LMIA alongside with the job offer letter to the hired foreign worker which is preserved for reference purpose in future.

This simple step is a must for Canadian individuals hiring a foreigner to work for him/her. according to the Canadian government orders through the CIC, all the companies in the country are required to prepare a formal and an official Job Offer Letter and it must include the following features.

• The specific name and address of the employer hiring the foreign worker

• The Job title for the position being/to be offered

• The detail description of the said Job

• The requirements for the position

• The salary specification

• The details of the starting and ending date

During the course of the process, the Canada service agency will access and determine if the job is authentic or not through the applications and details provided.

If the job is confirmed real and legit by the Canadian immigration department with an LMIA, then immediately the CIC will issue an employment authorization to the employee (the foreign immigrant) to work and live in Canada. afterwards, the Canadian employer can now extend a temporary job offer to the foreign skilled worker permanently.

Step 3: Applying for Work Visa by the Foreign Skillful worker

After the above mentioned process and you’re authorised to work in Canada, then the next step to follow is to obtain the Canadian work Visa or work permit in other to be legally recognized as a worker in Canada.

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If you’re being hired by an employer in the province of Quebec, then they’re certain minor process you will have to pass through additionally.

Depending on your country of nationality, you may be required to obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) in other to be able to settle there for works.

You may also be required to make an appointment for interview with the officials of the Visa issuing center or any other organizations giving out the Visa, during the interview, you’re expected to answer some few questions.

In the interview, you might get your visa application process halted if you failed to provide reliable answers to the questions provided. therefore individuals should be careful during the process.

Some applicants from a certain countries may also be required to undergo some certain medical examinations to proof they’re medical fitness before traveling to Canada.

Step 4. Get your Canadian work Visa/Permit

After completing the above process, then proceed to move to Canada by any means of your choice, upon your arrival in the country, you will be issued your Canadian work visa by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) immediately at the entry port.

Some nationals of some countries may be required to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) before you can stay in Canada depending on your nationality.

For more information on how to obtain the Canadian work permit or work visa, you can check the official website of the Canadian Immigration departments.

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