JAMB Subject Combination For Accounting

If you like finance, management, or similar things, knowing accounting is a must.

JAMB, which helps with university admissions in Nigeria, suggests some subjects for studying accounting.

Here are some good subject combinations for JAMB:

  1. Math, Economics, and English:
    • This mix helps you understand math, economics, and English well. These are all important for accounting.
    • Many universities in Nigeria accept this combination.
  2. Accounting, Economics, and English:
    • With this mix, you can focus on accounting while also learning economics and English.
    • It’s good if you want to work in financial management or auditing.
  3. Commerce, Accounting, and English Language:
    • This combination gives you a good grasp of business, accounting, and English.
    • It suits those interested in management, finance, or marketing careers.
  4. Economics, Accounting, and English Language:
    • This mix also covers economics, accounting, and English.
    • It’s another good choice for studying accounting.


Q: What’s the best JAMB subject combination for accounting? A: It depends on you and the university. But many people find Math, Economics, and English a strong choice.

Q: Can I study accounting without Math in JAMB? A: Some universities might need Math, but some don’t. Check each university’s requirements.

Q: Can I study accounting with different JAMB subject combinations? A: Yes, you can. But universities have different rules, so check what they need.

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