JAMB Subject Combination For Pharmacy

Securing admission into a good university for Pharmacy and building a successful career in the field begins with choosing the right JAMB subject combination. This blog post will help you understand the recommended subjects for Pharmacy admission and introduce some universities offering Pharmacy programs.

Recommended JAMB Subject Combination for Pharmacy:

To increase your chances of getting admitted into a Pharmacy program, you need to choose the correct subjects. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended JAMB subject combination for Pharmacy:

English Language:

English is compulsory for all university programs. It helps with communication, comprehension, and writing skills.

Biology or Chemistry:

Biology or Chemistry is crucial for Pharmacy students. These subjects cover topics related to living organisms, chemical reactions, and pharmaceutical principles, laying a strong foundation for Pharmacy studies.

Physics or Mathematics:

Many universities require Physics or Mathematics. These subjects help in understanding dosage calculations, drug formulation, and statistical analysis, and they also improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Further Mathematics or Statistics:

For those interested in Clinical Pharmacy or Pharmacy Management, Further Mathematics or Statistics is recommended. These subjects enhance analytical abilities and provide advanced mathematical skills.

Literature in English or Hausa:

Literature in English or Hausa complements Pharmacy studies by offering insights into different cultures and languages, improving communication and interpretation skills.


Q: Can I get into a Pharmacy program without Physics or Mathematics? A: While some universities may accept candidates without Physics or Mathematics, having these subjects can significantly enhance your chances of admission and success in Pharmacy studies.

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Q: Do I need to take Further Mathematics or Statistics? A: Taking Further Mathematics or Statistics is beneficial, especially if you plan to specialize in Clinical Pharmacy or Pharmacy Management. However, it may not be mandatory for all universities.


Choosing the right JAMB subject combination is crucial for securing admission into a Pharmacy program. By following the recommended subjects and considering your career goals, you can increase your chances of admission and success in Pharmacy studies.

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