LASU Courses For Art Students

Lagos State University (LASU), nestled in the bustling heart of Lagos, Nigeria, offers an exciting hub for aspiring artists. Beyond its academic corridors, LASU pulsates with vibrant energy, providing a fertile ground for unleashing creative potential. If you’re eager to embark on an artistic journey, LASU beckons with a diverse array of art courses tailored to ignite your passion and nurture your talent.

Discovering Art Courses at LASU:

Department of African Languages, Literatures, and Communication Arts:

  • B.A. African Languages and Literatures: Dive into the rich tapestry of African languages and literary traditions, honing critical thinking skills along the way.
  • B.A. Communication Arts: Explore the dynamic realms of mass media, journalism, advertising, and public relations, gaining both theoretical insights and practical experience.

Department of English:

  • B.A. English Language: Immerse yourself in the multifaceted aspects of the English language, from literature and linguistics to creative writing and critical analysis.
  • B.A. English Literature: Journey through the captivating world of English literature, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces, while sharpening your analytical prowess.

Department of Foreign Languages:

  • B.A. French: Master the intricacies of the French language through immersive language courses and cultural studies.
  • B.A. Spanish: Delve into Spanish language, culture, and literature, broadening your linguistic horizons.

Department of History and International Studies:

  • B.A. History: Unravel the complexities of the past, exploring diverse historical periods and regions.
  • B.A. International Studies: Gain insights into global politics, international relations, and contemporary world issues, paving the way for careers in diplomacy and international organizations.

Department of Philosophy:

  • B.A. Philosophy: Engage in profound inquiries about existence, knowledge, morality, and society, cultivating critical thinking skills.
  • B.A. Peace Studies: Focus on peaceful conflict resolution and human rights advocacy, fostering a culture of harmony and understanding.
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Department of Religions:

  • B.A. Christian Studies: Deepen your understanding of Christian theology, history, and practices.
  • B.A. Islamic Studies: Explore Islamic theology and traditions, enriching your knowledge of Islamic thought.

Department of Theatre Arts and Music:

  • B.A. Theatre Arts: Embark on a theatrical odyssey, honing skills in acting, directing, playwriting, and design.
  • B.A. Music: Discover the language of music, mastering theory, performance, and composition across various styles and instruments.


  1. What are the JAMB subject combinations for LASU Arts courses?
  • The specific subject combinations vary by course, but typically include English Language, Literature in English, and relevant Humanities or Social Science subjects. Check the LASU website or JAMB brochure for precise requirements.
  1. Are scholarships available for Arts students at LASU?
  • Yes, LASU offers a range of scholarships, including merit-based, need-based, and departmental scholarships. Explore the university website and Financial Aid Office for more information.
  1. What are the career prospects for LASU Arts graduates?
  • LASU Arts graduates pursue diverse careers in education, media, entertainment, government, research, and non-profit organizations. Their versatile skills in critical thinking, communication, and creativity open doors to various sectors.


Embarking on an artistic journey at Lagos State University promises a wealth of opportunities for growth and exploration. Whether you’re drawn to languages, literature, history, philosophy, or the performing arts, LASU’s Faculty of Arts stands ready to empower your creative aspirations. Explore the myriad possibilities, and let your artistic spirit soar amidst the vibrant atmosphere of LASU.

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