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List Of Affordable Universities In Poland

In our article today, we are going to focus on the list of affordable universities in Poland for international students wishing to study there. In case you don’t know, universities in Poland are extremely affordable usually in the range of 2500 euro to 3500 euro per year. This tuition fees can also be paid in installments over a period of time. You will agree with me that this fees is low compared to what schools charge in countries like Netherlands, UK, US etc.

Today, we shall be considering studying in Poland, the tuition fees, cost of living visa processing, admission processing etc…. Let’s get started.

Cost Of Study In Poland

As stated earlier, the cost of studying in Poland is quite affordable for international students. If you are looking for qualitative education at combined with affordable tuition fees, then you should consider studying in Poland. Over the years, thousands of international students have gone to study in Poland cos of it’s affordable tuition fees. University of Warsaw for example charges tuition fees in the range of 2000 euro to 4000 euro per year. Generally speaking, all the universities in Poland charge a very affordable tuition fees for international students.

If you want to study in Polish, however, you can afford to pay a lesser fees. This is because studies in Polish language are cheaper than the ones in English language. Now that we know the tuition fees charged by universities in Poland, let us now consider the cost of living in this country.

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Cost Of Living In Poland 

Like other smaller EU countries, the cost of living in Poland is low and quite affordable. If you are looking for a country where the tuition fees and cost of living is low then you should consider studying in Poland as you will get all these in the country. For expenses such as feeding, accommodation, recreation, buying of books etc, cost of living in Poland for international students is estimated at 400 euro to 500 euro. This amount is just an estimate and could be lower or higher depending on the individual’s spending habit.

How To Apply For Admission

Applying for admission into Polish universities is pretty easy and straight forward, all you have to do is choose an institution, make sure they offer your program, check the admission requirements, and if you meet all, go ahead and fill the application form for admission on the website. Once you have submitted an application for admission, the university’s admission team will go through it and if your application is approved, an admission letter will be sent to you. Before you start your admission, ensure that you have all the required documents needed for admission. Let us now take a look at some of the admission requirements for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements 

To study at the undergraduate level, there are certain requirements which you will have to meet and the include the following:

  1. You must have finished high/secondary school and be in possession of a certificate.
  2. You should have a valid international passport.
  3. All your academic documents should be notarized by the Polish embassy.
  4. Show proof of English language proficiency by taking TOEFL or IELTS, that’s if English language is not your first language.
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Postgraduate Admission Requirements

If you are planning to undertake a masters degree program for instance, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have finished a bsc program and be in possesion of a certificate.
  2. You must also provide transcripts of your university education.
  3. You must provide two reference letters, one from your university and the other from your place of work.
  4. You must notarize all your academic documents in a Polish embassy near you.
  5. You must have a valid international passport.
  6. You must show proof of English language proficiency by providing your TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Once you have all these, the next step is to hit the internet, browse for schools that offer your program and start the admission process. All schools in Poland accept online application, which means, your application will be done online.

List Of Affordable Universities In Poland

We now want to consider some of the affordable universities in Poland that offer qualitative education.

  1. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
  2. Poznan University Of Technology
  3. Vistula University
  4. University Of Warsaw


As you can see, the cost of studying in Poland is extremely low and affordable with tuition fees ranging from 2000 euro to 3000 euro per year. Now that you have known this, the next step should be to start applying for admission to study in Poland

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