List of Courses Offered in Godfrey Okoye University (GOUNI) | NUC Approved

Are you considering furthering your education at Godfrey Okoye University in Nigeria? If so, you may be wondering what courses are available for you to study. Well, look no further! Here’s a breakdown of the undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at Godfrey Okoye University, approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Undergraduate Programmes:

  1. College of Medicine:
    • Medicine & Surgery
  2. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:
    • Accounting
    • Banking and Finance
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Public Administration
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • International Relations
    • Mass Communications
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies
    • Sociology
  3. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies:
    • Applied Biology
    • Biotechnology
    • Microbiology
    • Chemistry
    • Biochemistry
    • Industrial Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics & Demography
    • Physics
    • Geography & Environmental Sciences
    • Geology and Mining
    • Architecture
    • Industrial Design
  4. Faculty of Education:
    • Various education courses in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Economics, Political Science, Social Studies, Business, and Computer Science.
  5. Faculty of Arts:
    • History, International Relations & Diplomacy
    • Music
    • English and Literary Studies
    • Philosophy
  6. Faculty of Law:
    • Juris & International Law
    • Public Law
    • Private & Business Law

Postgraduate Programmes:

  1. Faculty of Arts:
    • M.A, English Language and Literary Studies
    • Ph.D English Language and Literary Studies
  2. Faculty of Education:
    • Various master’s degrees and Ph.Ds in Curriculum Development, English Language Education, Measurement and Evaluation, Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Physics Education, Computer Education, and Mathematics Education.
  3. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies:
    • Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Biotechnology, Microbiology, and various specializations within these fields.
  4. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:
    • PGDs, M.Sc., and Ph.Ds in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Operations Management, Public Administration, Economics, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Psychology, Mass Communication, and Computer Science.
  5. Department of Physical and Geo Sciences:
    • PGD and M.Sc. in Physics and various specializations within Physics and Geophysics.
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With such a diverse array of courses, Godfrey Okoye University strives to cater to the academic interests and career aspirations of its students.


Q: Are all the courses offered at Godfrey Okoye University accredited? A: Yes, the courses offered at Godfrey Okoye University are accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Q: Can I pursue postgraduate studies at Godfrey Okoye University? A: Absolutely! Godfrey Okoye University offers a range of postgraduate programmes for individuals seeking advanced degrees in various fields.

Q: What are the admission requirements for undergraduate programmes? A: Admission requirements may vary depending on the course you’re interested in. Generally, candidates need to meet the university’s minimum entry requirements and may need to pass an entrance examination or screening.

Q: How can I apply for admission to Godfrey Okoye University? A: Interested applicants can visit the university’s official website or contact the admissions office for information on the application process and deadlines.

Q: Is there financial aid available for students? A: Godfrey Okoye University may offer scholarships, grants, or other forms of financial assistance to eligible students. Prospective students are encouraged to inquire about financial aid options during the application process.

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