NCEE Result Checker 2024/2025 | Check Common Entrance Results here

The National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE) results for 2024/2025 are officially out, and candidates can now check their scores online. This guide provides a simple step-by-step process to check the NCEE results on the official portal

Is NCEE Result 2024 Out?

Yes, the NCEE Result for 2024 is now available on the official portal. Candidates who have successfully passed the exam can apply for admission into Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1).

How to Check NCEE Result 2024:

Follow these simple steps to check the NCEE Result for 2024:

  1. Visit the NCEE Result Checker Portal: Go to, which is the official NCEE result checker portal.
  2. Provide Exam Details: Fill in your Exam Registration Number in the spaces provided on the portal.
  3. Enter Pin/Token: Enter the Pin or Token that you obtained during the token purchase process.
  4. Select Examination Year: Choose the Examination Year, which, in this case, is 2024.
  5. Click on Check Results: After filling in the required details, click on the “Check Results” button to view your NCEE scores.


Q1: Can I check NCEE results via SMS? Yes, you can check your NCEE result via SMS. However, the detailed steps for SMS checking are not provided in this guide.

Q2: Where can I purchase the NCEE token? You can purchase the NCEE token online or offline, depending on your preference. Specific details about the token purchase process are not included here.

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Q3: Can I check NCEE results on a mobile device? Yes, the NCEE results for 2024 are accessible on the result checker portal using a mobile device.


Parents or guardians can now conveniently check the NCEE results for their children or wards on the official NCEE portal. The process is straightforward, requiring only the exam registration number and the Pin or Token obtained during the token purchase.

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