NDA School Fees (Nigeria Defence Academy) 2024

Are you aspiring to join the prestigious Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) and embark on a journey towards becoming a respected officer in the Nigerian Armed Forces? If so, understanding the intricacies of NDA school fees is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the cost breakdown for both freshers and returning students, shedding light on the fees structure for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session.

NDA School Fees for Freshers (2023/2024 Academic Session):

For freshers, the NDA school fees for the upcoming academic session stand at an affordable N50,000. This inclusive fee covers tuition, accommodation, feeding, and other miscellaneous charges. However, it’s essential to note that this amount does not encompass the acceptance fee, departmental fee, faculty fee, and other levies that may vary based on the chosen course of study.

Acceptance Fee and Additional Charges:

Freshers are required to pay a non-refundable acceptance fee of N20,000 to secure their admission into the NDA. Additionally, departmental and faculty fees, specific to each course, may apply. For example, engineering courses may attract a departmental fee of N10,000, while social sciences may incur a faculty fee of N5,000.

Levies for Freshers:

Beyond the core fees, freshers may encounter other levies, such as medical fees, sports fees, library fees, identity card fees, and development fees. These levies typically range from N1,000 to N5,000 each. Consequently, the total amount paid by a fresher may range between N80,000 and N100,000, depending on the selected course and faculty.

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NDA School Fees for Returning Students (2023/2024 Academic Session):

Returning students can expect to pay N33,000 for tuition, accommodation, feeding, and other charges. Similar to freshers, this amount excludes departmental fees, faculty fees, and other course-specific levies.

Additional Charges for Returning Students:

Returning students, like freshers, may face departmental and faculty fees, varying by course and faculty. Levies such as medical, sports, library, identity card, and development fees may range from N1,000 to N5,000. Consequently, the total amount for returning students may fall between N50,000 and N70,000, depending on the course and faculty.

NDA School Fees for Postgraduate Students (2023/2024 Academic Session):

Postgraduate students are required to pay N150,000, covering tuition, accommodation, feeding, and other charges. However, this amount excludes application fees, acceptance fees, departmental fees, faculty fees, and other levies specific to the course of study.

Additional Charges for Postgraduate Students:

Application fees for postgraduate students stand at N10,000, while the acceptance fee is N30,000. Similar to undergraduate students, departmental and faculty fees for postgraduates vary by course and faculty. Other levies may range from N1,000 to N5,000 each, resulting in a total cost between N200,000 and N250,000.

Online Payment Process:

To streamline the payment process, students can conveniently pay their NDA school fees online. By visiting the official NDA website, students can generate their student ID, get verified, and log in to the student portal. Selecting “School Fees Payment” allows students to fill in payment details, submit, and print the receipt.

Equality in Fees for Indigenes and Non-Indigenes:

Regardless of state of origin, both indigenes and non-indigenes pay the same NDA school fees. There is no distinction in fees based on geographic location.

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The Nigerian Defence Academy offers a reputable education and training platform for those aspiring to serve in the Nigerian Armed Forces. The affordability and reasonability of NDA school fees, considering the provided facilities and services, make it an attractive institution. Aspiring candidates should be well-prepared for the competitive admission process, meeting academic, physical, and medical standards. We trust this guide has addressed your questions regarding NDA school fees for the upcoming academic session. Should you have any further inquiries, feel free to leave them below. Good luck with your application, and thank you for reading!

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