Osun State University Cut Off Mark for 2024

Are you aspiring to join Osun State University (UNIOSUN) and wondering about the cut-off marks for various courses? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the UNIOSUN cut-off marks for 2024, shedding light on the general admission requirements and specific scores for different faculties and courses.

Understanding Cut Off Marks:

Cut-off marks are the minimum scores set by universities to determine eligibility for admission into various programs. Acting as a benchmark, these scores ensure that candidates meet the academic criteria required for a particular course. UNIOSUN’s cut-off marks are influenced by factors such as program demand, available slots, and the overall performance of applicants.

UNIOSUN General Cut Off Mark:

The general cut-off mark for admission into UNIOSUN is 160. This means that aspiring students must obtain a score of at least 160 in their UTME to be eligible for admission.

Course-Specific Cut Off Marks:

While the general cut-off mark for UNIOSUN is 160, it’s crucial to note that specific courses and faculties may have higher cut-off marks due to their competitive nature. Here’s a breakdown of cut-off marks for various faculties and courses:

  1. Faculty of Social Sciences:

    • Economics: 180
    • Political Science: 170
    • Geography: 160
  2. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

    • Accounting: 180
    • Business Administration: 170
    • Banking and Finance: 160
  3. Faculty of Education:

    • Education/English: 180
    • Education/Biology: 170
    • Education/Mathematics: 160
  4. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences:

    • Anatomy: 220
    • Physiology: 210
    • Biochemistry: 200
  5. Faculty of Law:

    • Law: 230 (due to the highly competitive nature of the program)
  6. Faculty of Clinical Sciences:

    • Medicine and Surgery: 250 (due to the limited number of slots and high demand)
    • Nursing Science: 250 (due to the limited number of slots and high demand)
  7. Faculty of Agriculture:

    • Agricultural Economics: 180
    • Animal Science: 180
    • Crop Production: 180
  8. Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

    • English and International Studies: 180
    • History and International Studies: 180
    • Linguistics and Communication Studies: 180
  9. Faculty of Engineering and Technology:

    • Civil Engineering: 220
    • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: 200
    • Mechanical Engineering: 200
  10. Faculty of Environmental Design and Management:

    • Architecture: 220
    • Estate Management: 200
    • Urban and Regional Planning: 200
  11. Faculty of Science:

    • Microbiology: 190
    • Physics with Electronics: 180
    • Computer Science: 180
  12. Faculty of Environmental Sciences:

    • Quantity Surveying: 220
    • Urban and Regional Planning: 200
    • Building Technology: 200
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Armed with this information, you can now tailor your preparations to meet the specific cut-off marks for your desired course at UNIOSUN. Keep in mind the competitive nature of certain programs and aim to surpass the minimum requirements for a better chance at securing admission. Best of luck on your academic journey at Osun State University!

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