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Top 3 Affordable Countries In Europe

Over the years, Europe has been the best study destination for thousands of students. Yes, they choose Europe because of the high quality of education combined with low tuition fees for international students. Infact, some countries in Europe are tuition free for international students, countries like Norway and Germany. So you now understand why some many students choose to study in Europe. In this article, we shall be considering about 4 very affordable European countries for international students. Let’s start with Austria.


Universities In Europe

How To Study In Austria

Austria is one country that charges very low tuition fees for international students. Imagine a student paying as low as 1500 euro per year as tuition fees. In addition to this, the education in the country is top notch. If you are planning to study in Austria, you can do this all by yourself, it’s very easy. All you have to do is search for your program online via the university portal, once you’ve found it, apply for it online. After you’ve submitted the online application, you will be required to send the originals of your school documents to the school via post.

Please don’t be worried about this as your documents will be safe with the school. Once they are through with the vetting of the documents and your admission approved, they will mail back the original copies of your documents. The following are some of the top universities in Austria:

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Top Universities In Austria

  1. University Of Vienna
  2. University Of Graz
  3. Vienna University Of Technology
  4. University Of Salzburg
  5. University Of Innsbruck
  6. Medical University Of Vienna

The admission process for these schools are pretty easy. Go to their website, search for your program and start an online application.

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How To Study In Germany

Every year, thousands of students move to Germany to pursue their studies and you may be wondering why they do this, what attracts them to the country. Well, the truth is that Universities in Germany are all tuition free. Education is heavily sponsored by the government and so students are exempted from paying tuition fees. As a student there in Germany you don’t have to pay any tuition fees if you are attending their public universities.

The admission process for these schools is pretty easy, just like other countries, they accept online application. All you have to do is search for your program on their website, locate it and submit an online application. Please note that universities in Germany accept application either through their website or Uni-assist. Let us now look at some of the top universities in Germany.

Top Universities In Germany

  1. Free University Of Berlin
  2. RWTH Aachen University
  3. University Of Frieburg
  4. Technical University, Dresden
  5. University Of Munich
  6. Heidelberg University

Take note that universities in Germany teach in German and English languages respectively. Most of the bachelors programs are in German language while a few of the postgraduate programs are in English language. If you want to study in German language, ensure that you have a German language proficiency certificate.

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How To Study In Estonia

Estonia is another very cool country for studies where the tuition fees is quite low and affordable. If you are planning to take up studies in ICT, I will advise that you focus on Estonia, as they are good with ICT and technological related programs. Another good thing about schools in Estonia is the fact that they teach in English language, so you don’t have to learn a foreign language to study there in Estonia.

Talking about their tuition fees, it’s one of the cheapest in Europe usually in the range of 3000 euro to 4000 euro per year and can also be paid in instalments. The admission process is easy and straight forward, just like the other countries we have discussed today. Let us now look at some of the top universities in Estonia.

Top Universities In Estonia

  1. Tallinn University Of Technology
  2. Estonian University Of Life Sciences
  3. University Of Tartu
  4. Tallinn University
  5. Estonian Aviation Academy
  6. Estonian Business School

So you can see the top universities in Estonia. If you want to apply for admission into any of these schools all you have to do is contact their website, search for your program, start an online application by filling out your data and submit it thereafter. If your application is approved, an offer letter will be sent to you, which you will use for visa application.


Now you’ve all seen the top 3 countries with very affordable or free tuition fees for international students. The next step now is to start your application right away. I have explained to you the process of admission application into these universities, so you just have to follow it as stated in this article. For the visa application, all you have to do is contact their embassies in your home country and make enquiry about the visa requirements and documents and submit your application right away.

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