DSUST School Fees 2024 Academic Session

Are you considering joining the Delta State University of Science and Technology Ozoro for the upcoming academic session? Understanding the school fees structure is crucial for both freshers and returning students. In this comprehensive guide, we provide detailed information on DSUST school fees, acceptance fees, and hostel accommodation fees for the 2023/2024 academic session.

DSUST School Fees Breakdown for 2023/2024:

For both indigenes and non-indigenes, here is the detailed breakdown of the Delta State University of Science and Technology school fees:

  1. Caution: ₦10,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  2. Departmental Teaching Material: ₦6,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  3. Development Level: ₦18,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  4. Entrepreneurship Training: ₦13,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  5. Examination: ₦13,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  6. General Studies (GST): ₦5,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  7. Handbook: ₦4,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  8. ID Card: ₦7,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  9. Technology Fee: ₦4,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  10. Laboratory/Studio/Workshop: ₦7,500 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  11. Library: ₦12,500 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  12. Maintenance Levy: ₦11,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  13. Matriculation: ₦8,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  14. Health Service: ₦10,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  15. Registration: ₦8,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  16. Result Verification: ₦7,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  17. Sports: ₦5,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  18. Student Facilities Maintenance Dues: ₦10,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  19. Accreditation Levy: ₦13,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  20. University Policy Manual: ₦5,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  21. Security Charges: ₦8,000 (Indigenes & Non-indigenes)
  22. Tuition: Free (Indigenes), ₦40,000 (Non-indigenes)

Total: ₦185,000 (Indigenes), ₦225,000 (Non-indigenes)

DSUST Acceptance Fee:

DSUST acceptance fee is a nonrefundable ₦30,000. This fee is compulsory for all newly admitted students and is not included in the school fees. It must be paid separately.

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DSUST Hostel Accommodation Fee:

For those seeking hostel accommodation, the fee is ₦35,000 per academic year. This covers bed space and maintenance. Accommodations are available for interested students on an annual basis.

Important Tips for DSUST Students:

  1. Early payment is crucial to avoid extra charges, inability to sit for exams, or forfeit of admission.
  2. DSUST fees can be paid at designated banks nationwide.
  3. DSUST does not charge tuition fees for indigenes, but non-indigenes pay ₦40,000.


Understanding the Delta State University of Science and Technology school fees structure is essential for planning your academic journey. Ensure timely payment to avoid any inconveniences. For more information on courses offered, admission requirements, and the admission process, refer to the DSUST official website.

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