ESUT Cut-Off Marks for all Courses 2024/2025 Admission

Are you aspiring to join Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) in 2024? Understanding the admission criteria is crucial for success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the general cut-off marks, departmental requirements for various courses, and essential details to enhance your chances of securing admission at ESUT.

General Cut-Off Marks:

ESUT has a general cut-off mark of 160 for most courses, with exceptions for competitive programs such as Medicine and Surgery, Law, Medical Laboratory Science, Nursing Science, and Pharmacy, which require a higher cut-off of 200. It’s important to note that meeting these minimum scores does not guarantee admission, as other factors come into play.

To maximize your chances, aim for a score higher than the minimum cut-off. Factors like the number of applicants, performance in the Post UTME, and catchment area also influence the final admission list.

ESUT Departmental Cut-Off Marks 2024:

Here’s a glimpse of the departmental cut-off marks for some key courses at ESUT:

  1. Pharmacy: 293
  2. Medicine and Surgery: 314
  3. Medical Laboratory Science: 256
  4. Mechanical Engineering: 260
  5. Electronic Engineering: 217
  6. Mass Communication: 265
  7. Law: 297
  8. Nursing: 290
  9. Accountancy: 246
  10. Business Management: 213
  11. Geology: 222
  12. Biochemistry: 207
  13. Microbiology: 200

These scores represent the minimum requirements for admission into the respective courses. However, meeting these marks doesn’t guarantee admission, as competition and other factors play a role in the selection process.

Specific Cut-Off Marks for Selected Programs:

  1. Nursing: 290
    • To secure a spot in the Nursing program, aspiring students need to score 290 or above in their qualifying exam.
  2. Medical Laboratory Science: 256
    • Aspiring candidates for the Medical Laboratory Science program must achieve a minimum cut-off score of 256.
  3. Medicine and Surgery: 314
    • The Medicine and Surgery degree program require a cut-off mark of 314, making it one of the most competitive courses.
  4. Law: 297
    • The cut-off mark for the Law program, known for its competitiveness, is set at 297.
  5. Medical Radiography: 263
    • Applicants to the Medical Radiography program need to score 263 or higher to meet the minimum admission requirement.
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In your journey to secure admission into ESUT, it’s essential to not only meet the minimum cut-off marks but also to excel in other aspects of the admission process. Competition is fierce, so aim for excellence, prepare thoroughly for the entrance exams, and showcase your unique qualities during the screening exercises.

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