Federal Polytechnic Bauchi School Fees 2024

Are you considering Federal Polytechnic Bauchi for your tertiary education? Understanding the school fees structure is crucial, and we’ve got you covered with the comprehensive details for the 2023/2024 academic session. This blog post provides a breakdown of Federal Poly Bauchi school fees for freshers and returning students, payment procedures, and essential information for aspiring students.

Federal Polytechnic Bauchi School Fees Structure 2023/2024: A Detailed Breakdown

Are you curious about the cost of tuition at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi? Here’s a breakdown of the fees for both freshers and returning students:

  • Registration: ₦4500.00
  • Examinations: ₦4200.00
  • Games: ₦1000.00
  • Library: ₦2000.00
  • ID Card: ₦1000.00
  • Credentials Verification: ₦1500.00
  • Prospectus: ₦1000.00
  • Medical Fee: ₦2500.00
  • Technology Fee: ₦3000.00
  • Practicals: ₦1300.00
  • Tuition: ₦0.00 (Important Note: Tuition is currently listed as zero, confirming with the institution is advised)
  • Endowment: ₦1000.00
  • Entrepreneurship Dev.: ₦2000.00
  • SIWES: ₦1000.00

Total Fees: ₦26,000.00

[Optional] Accommodation: ₦6000.00

Payment Procedures and Early Reminders

    • Late payment consequences: Late payment may attract extra charges, inability to sit for a semester examination, or even forfeiture of admission.
    • Early payment advised: To avoid complications, all students, both freshers and returning, are strongly encouraged to pay their fees early at designated banks nationwide.
    • Stipulated Timeframe: Payment should be made within the stipulated time given by the school.

Optional Accommodation Fees

For students considering accommodation provided by the institution, an additional ₦6000.00 may be incurred.

Important Information for Aspiring Students

    • Course Offerings: Confirm if your preferred course is offered by checking Federal Poly Bauchi courses.
    • Admission Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the admission requirements for your chosen course.
    • Admission Process: Learn about the Post UTME screening exercise and how to apply for admission successfully by checking the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi admission form.
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Understanding the Federal Polytechnic Bauchi school fees structure is essential for both freshers and returning students. By following the outlined payment procedures and paying fees early, you ensure a smooth academic journey. Aspiring students are also encouraged to explore the available courses and admission requirements to make informed decisions about their educational pursuits at Federal Polytechnic Bauchi.

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