Federal Universities That Accept Second Choice

If you’re an aspiring university student in Nigeria who selected a federal university as a second choice during your JAMB registration, worry not! While many universities typically require first-choice status for Post-UTME registration, there are exceptions. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of federal universities where you can still enroll as a second choice and qualify for their Post-UTME.

List of Federal Universities Allowing Second Choice Candidates:

  1. Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa
  2. Federal University, Ndifu-Alike, Ebonyi
  3. Federal University, Wukari, Taraba
  4. University of Maiduguri
  5. Federal University Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi
  6. Federal University, Kashere, Gombe
  7. Federal University, Otuke, Bayelsa
  8. Federal University, Lokoja, Kogi
  9. Federal University, Oye-Ekiti
  10. Federal University, Gashua, Yobe State
  11. Federal University, Gusue, Zamfara
  12. Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa
  13. Federal University, Dustin-ma, Katsina

Important Note:

If you secure admission to any of the listed federal universities, remember to make that university your first choice before accepting the admission on JAMB CAPS. This includes printing the acceptance letter and completing any other necessary procedures.


Q1: Can I register for Post-UTME in a federal university if I chose it as my second choice? A1: Yes, the federal universities listed above accept second-choice candidates for Post-UTME registration.

Q2: Do I need to change my institution to the first choice after admission? A2: Yes, once admitted to any of the listed federal universities, you must change your institution to make it your first choice before accepting the admission on JAMB CAPS.

Q3: Are there other federal universities that accept second choices? A3: The listed universities are the ones known for accepting second-choice candidates. It’s advisable to check the specific admission policies of each university for the most accurate information.

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this guide aims to assist candidates in navigating the process of applying for Post-UTME in federal universities where second-choice candidates are welcomed. Always check the official admission guidelines of the respective institutions for the latest updates and requirements. Good luck with your university admissions journey!

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