FUTMINNA Academic Calendar 2024

Embarking on the academic journey at the Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA) is an exciting venture filled with milestones and activities that shape the academic year. In this blog post, we provide you with a roadmap to navigate the essential dates and events for the 2023/2024 session, ensuring you stay on top of your academic game.

FUTMINNA Academic Calendar – 1st Semester

FIRST SEMESTER: 5th Feb. 2024 – 18th May 2024 (15 WEEKS)

  • 15th Jan. – 15th Jan. 2024: Staff Fitness Exercise Kickstart the semester with a focus on physical well-being through staff fitness exercises every Saturday from 6:30 am to 8:00 am.
  • 15th Jan. – 4th Feb. 2024: Online Registration for New & Returning Students (3 weeks) Seamlessly register for the new semester during the designated sign-up phase.
  • 1st Feb. 2024: Founder’s Day Mark the celebration of Founder’s Day as a special event in the academic calendar.
  • 5th Feb. – 30th Mar. 2024: Lectures for 100L–500L Students (8 weeks) Dive into academic lectures spanning eight weeks for students across various levels.
  • 29th Feb. – 2nd Mar. 2024: Orientation for New Students New students, mark your calendars for an orientation session introducing you to FUTMINNA’s academic environment.
  • 14th Mar. 2024: Matriculation for New Students Join in the welcoming celebration as new students officially become part of the FUTMINNA family.
  • 14th Mar. – 13th Apr. 2024: e-Test for 100 Level large classes (2 weeks) Engage in electronic testing for 100 Level large classes over a two-week period.
  • 1st Apr. – 27th Apr. 2024: Lectures Continue (4 weeks) Academic sessions continue, providing students with a consistent learning environment.
  • 29th Apr. – 18th May 2024: e-Exams for 100 Level and Large Classes (3 weeks) Brace yourself for electronic exams for 100 Level and large classes spanning three weeks.
  • 6th May – 18th May 2024: First Semester Exams for 200L–500L Level (2 weeks) Conclude the semester with exams for students in the 200L–500L levels.
  • 20th May – 1st June 2024: Semester Break (2 weeks) Enjoy a well-deserved break before diving into the next phase of the academic calendar.
  • 3rd June – 16th Nov. 2024: SIWES for all Schools with exception of SAAT & SST&E students (24 weeks) Prepare for the SIWES program, a 24-week period for practical experience in various schools.
  • 1st July 2024: School Boards to Consider First Semester Results The academic journey continues as school boards assess and consider the results of the first semester.
  • 31st July 2024: Senate to Consider First Semester Results Culminate the first semester as the Senate reviews and approves the results.
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FUTMINNA Academic Calendar – 2nd Semester

SECOND SEMESTER: 3rd June 2024 – 14th September 2024 (15 WEEKS)

  • 3rd June – 27th July 2024: Lectures for All Students (8 weeks) Dive back into academic lectures for all students, spanning eight weeks of focused learning.
  • 29th July – 10th Aug. 2024: e-Test for 100 Level and large classes (2 weeks) Engage in electronic testing once again for specific levels, enhancing the learning experience.
  • 12th Aug. – 24th Aug. 2024: Lectures Continue for all Levels (2 weeks) Stay immersed in academic pursuits as lectures persist across all levels.
  • 26th Aug. – 14th Sept. 2024: e-Exams for 100 Level and Large Classes (3 weeks) Brace yourself for the electronic examination phase, specifically for 100 Level and large classes.
  • 2nd Sept. – 14th Sept. 2024: Second Semester Exams 200 – 500 Level (2 weeks) Conclude the academic year with second-semester exams for students in the 200L–500L levels.
  • 16th Sept. – 26th Oct. 2024: Second Semester Break (6 weeks) Take a well-deserved break before the commencement of SWEP/Field Trip activities.
  • 18th Sept. – 26th Oct. 2024: SWEP/Field Trip (6 weeks) Engage in practical skills development and field trips during this enriching six-week period.
  • 28th Oct. 2024: School Boards to Consider Second Semester Results The academic journey reaches its final phase as school boards evaluate second-semester results.
  • 13th Nov. 2024: Special Senate to Consider Second Semester Results Culminate the academic year with a special Senate session dedicated to reviewing and approving second-semester results.
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NEW SESSION 2024/2025

  • 11th November, 2024: Engagement Beyond Academics Embrace a holistic university experience with an emphasis on engagement beyond academics.


As you navigate the academic seas at FUTMINNA, use this comprehensive guide to stay informed about important dates and activities throughout the 2023/2024 session. Prioritize your well-being with regular staff fitness exercises and take advantage of breaks to recharge. FUTMINNA encourages a healthy balance between academic and physical well-being, fostering an environment where students can thrive both in and outside the classroom. Good luck on your academic journey!

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