JAMB Marking Scheme – 2024

In the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), scoring is a crucial aspect that determines a candidate’s admission into higher institutions. This article will break down the scoring system for the Use of English and other UTME subjects, providing a clear understanding of how JAMB calculates the scores.

JAMB UTME Use of English Scoring:

The Use of English is a compulsory subject in the UTME, with a total of 60 questions and a maximum score of 100 marks. The questions are divided into three sections:

Section A (Comprehension/Summary): 25 questions

  • Comprehension Passages: 5 questions (3 marks each)
  • Cloze Passage/Register: 10 questions (2 marks each)
  • Reading Text: 10 questions (1 mark each)

Section B (Lexis and Structure): 25 questions

  • Sentence Interpretation: 5 questions (2 marks each)
  • Antonyms: 5 questions (2 marks each)
  • Synonyms: 5 questions (1 mark each)
  • Basic Grammar: 10 questions (2 marks each)

Section C (Oral Forms – Test of Oral): 10 questions

  • Vowels, Consonants, Rhymes, Word Stress, Emphatic Stress: 2 questions each (1 mark each)

Calculation of Use of English Score: Section A: 45 marks Section B: 45 marks Section C: 10 marks Total Use of English Score: 100 marks

Example Calculation: If a candidate, Ada, answered 40 out of the 60 questions correctly in Use of English, her score would be calculated as follows:

Section A: 20 marks Section B: 30 marks Section C: 10 marks Total Use of English Score for Ada: 60 marks

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Scoring for Other UTME Subjects: Each subject, apart from Use of English, consists of 40 questions with a total mark of 100. Each question carries 2.5 marks.

Example Calculation: If Ada answered 30 questions correctly in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, her scores for each subject would be:

Mathematics: 75 marks Physics: 75 marks Chemistry: 75 marks Total for Other Subjects: 225 marks

Ada’s UTME Total Score: Use of English: 60 marks Other Subjects: 225 marks Ada’s JAMB UTME Score: 285 marks out of 400


Understanding the JAMB UTME scoring system is vital for candidates aiming to secure admission into higher institutions. Adequate preparation and attention to each subject’s scoring pattern can contribute significantly to achieving a competitive score.


Q: How is the Use of English section in JAMB UTME scored? A: The Use of English section consists of 60 questions, and the total score is 100 marks. Each question is assigned specific marks based on its type, such as comprehension passages, cloze passages, and basic grammar.

Q: How are scores calculated for other UTME subjects? A: Each subject, excluding Use of English, consists of 40 questions, with each question carrying 2.5 marks. The total score for the other three subjects is 300 marks (40 x 2.5 + 40 x 2.5 + 40 x 2.5), in addition to the 100 marks from the Use of English.

Q: What is the total JAMB UTME score for a candidate? A: The total JAMB UTME score is the sum of the scores obtained in the Use of English and the other three subjects. For example, if Ada’s scores are 60 in Use of English and 225 in other subjects, her total JAMB UTME score is 285 out of 400.

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