JAMB Subject Combination For Mass Communication In Unilag

Are you an aspiring mass communicator in Nigeria with dreams of studying at the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag)? Well, you’re in the right place! Unilag’s Department of Mass Communication is renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant alumni network, making it a top choice for promising young minds eager to shape the future of information and storytelling.

Let’s dive into the key details you need to know for your journey to Unilag:

1. JAMB Subject Combination:

  • English Language: This is a must for all UTME candidates. Good communication skills in English are essential for success in mass communication studies.
  • Literature-in-English: This subject exposes you to the power of language, narrative forms, and critical analysis – crucial skills for a career in mass communication.
  • Two (2) Arts or Social Science subjects: Unilag provides flexibility in choosing these subjects. Consider options like Government, Economics, History, Sociology, and CRS/IRS to build a strong foundation.

2. Popular Choices for Arts or Social Science Subjects:

  • Government: Gain insights into political systems, public policy, and current affairs for effective media analysis.
  • Economics: Empower yourself to interpret and critically analyze economic news and its impact on society.
  • History: Grasp historical context for critical thinking and valuable insights in media narratives.
  • Sociology: Understand social structures and cultural dynamics to analyze and report on human behavior and social issues.
  • CRS/IRS: Build a foundation in religious and ethical values, crucial for navigating the ethical complexities of the media landscape.

3. Alternative Options for Subject Combination:

  • Direct Entry: If you hold a diploma or HND in Mass Communication or a related field, you may be eligible for direct entry. Check Unilag’s admission requirements for specific details.
  • JUPEB/A’ Levels: High performers in JUPEB or A’ Level exams with credits in Literature-in-English and two relevant Arts or Social Science subjects may be considered for admission.
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Embark on your journey to Unilag, and remember that there are different paths to success. Whether through the traditional JAMB route or alternative options like Direct Entry or JUPEB/A’ Levels, Unilag welcomes dedicated individuals ready to make their mark in the world of mass communication.

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