List Of Best Private Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Choosing the right secondary school for your child is a crucial decision that can significantly impact their academic journey and future career choices. In Nigeria, there are numerous private secondary schools, each offering a unique educational experience. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best private secondary schools in the country.

List of Best Private Secondary Schools in Nigeria:

  1. Nigerian Turkish International College (NTIC)
  2. Citadel International School
  3. Julliard Academy
  4. British International College
  5. Charles Dale Memorial International School, Port Harcourt
  6. Corona Secondary School (CSS)
  7. Lekki British International School, Lagos
  8. International Community School, Abuja
  9. Olashore International School, Iloko Ijesha
  10. Christ, the King School
  11. The American International School of Lagos
  12. Nigerian-Turkish International Academy, Abuja
  13. Hillcrest School Jos, 13 Old Bukuru Road, Plateau State
  14. Brookstone Secondary School, Port Harcourt
  15. Grange School, Lagos
  16. Avicenna School, Lagos
  17. Hallmark School, Ondo

Selecting the Right School:

While the list above highlights some of the best private secondary schools in Nigeria, it’s important to note that the suitability of a school depends on various factors, including your child’s unique needs and preferences. Before making a decision, consider conducting thorough research on each school to ensure it aligns with your educational expectations.


Q: Why is choosing the right secondary school important? A: The secondary school your child attends plays a crucial role in shaping their academic performance and future career choices. It’s a significant investment in their education and personal development.

Q: What factors should I consider when selecting a private secondary school? A: Factors to consider include academic reputation, facilities, extracurricular activities, teaching staff, and the overall learning environment. Additionally, consider your child’s unique needs and preferences.

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Q: Are there other reputable private secondary schools not listed here? A: Yes, the list provided is not exhaustive. There are many other excellent private secondary schools in Nigeria. It’s advisable to research and visit multiple schools before making a decision.


Investing in your child’s education is a crucial step towards their future success. The list of best private secondary schools in Nigeria serves as a starting point for your research. Remember to consider various factors and visit the schools to make an informed decision that aligns with your child’s educational goals.

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