List of Courses Offered in Covenant University | NUC Approved

Covenant University, Ota, stands out as a reputable institution approved by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in Nigeria. With a commitment to delivering quality education, the university offers a broad range of courses designed to meet the needs of students aspiring to excel in their chosen professions.

List of NUC Approved Courses:

Covenant University provides accredited courses across various faculties. Here is a glimpse of the diverse offerings in different departments:

  1. Accounting
  2. Architecture
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Building Technology
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Biological Sciences
  7. Business Management
  8. Chemical Engineering
  9. Chemistry
  10. Computer and Information Sciences
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Economics and Development Studies
  13. Electrical and Information Engineering
  14. Estate Management
  15. Languages
  16. Mass Communication
  17. Mathematics
  18. Mechanical Engineering
  19. Petroleum Engineering
  20. Physics
  21. Political Science and International Relations
  22. Psychology

Quality Education and International Standards:

Covenant University is dedicated to maintaining high educational standards, aligning its courses with international benchmarks. The institution’s commitment to providing quality education has made it a preferred choice for students seeking higher education in Nigeria.


Q1: How does Covenant University ensure quality education? A: Covenant University upholds international standards in its course offerings, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education.

Q2: Are all courses at Covenant University accredited by the NUC? A: Yes, Covenant University offers NUC-approved courses across various faculties, ensuring the accreditation of its programs.

Q3: Why choose Covenant University for higher education? A: Covenant University’s commitment to excellence, diverse course offerings, and adherence to international standards make it a top choice for students pursuing higher education in Nigeria.

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Covenant University’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and quality education experience is evident in its diverse range of accredited courses. Aspiring students can explore various fields of study, confident in the assurance that the university maintains high educational standards recognized by the NUC.

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