Maranatha University School Fees for 2024 Academic Session

Discovering the right university that aligns with your academic and moral values is crucial for a successful educational journey. In this blog post, we’ll explore Maranatha University, a private institution located in Lagos State, Nigeria, established in 2020 by the Maranatha Christian Mission. We’ll delve into its acceptance fees, school fees, and campus life, providing valuable information for prospective students.

Section 1: Acceptance Fees and Obligatory Fees

When embarking on your academic journey at Maranatha University, the first step is confirming your admission. The acceptance fee for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session stands at N50,000, a one-time non-refundable payment. It is imperative to settle this fee before proceeding with registration.

Additionally, there are obligatory fees, including matriculation, medical, hostel, university ID card, and result verification. These fees total N187,500 for new students and N120,000 for returning students.

Section 2: Unveiling Maranatha University’s School Fees Structure

Understanding the cost of education is vital for planning. Maranatha University’s school fees range from ₦537,500 to ₦762,500, depending on the chosen course. Let’s break down the fees for different faculties:

  1. Faculty of Arts, Management & Social Sciences (FAMSS):
    • New Students: ₦537,500
    • Returning Students: ₦470,000
  2. Faculty of Natural And Applied Sciences (FNAS):
    • New Students: ₦612,500
    • Returning Students: ₦545,000
  3. Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES):
    • New Students: ₦612,500
    • Returning Students: ₦545,000
  4. Faculty of Engineering:
    • New Students: ₦762,500
    • Returning Students: ₦695,000

Section 3: Campus Life and Hostel Fees

Maranatha University boasts two campuses, Okota and Lekki, each offering unique accommodation options:

  1. Okota Campus:
    • 4 Bedded Rooms: N150,000 per session (N75,000 per semester)
    • 6 Bedded Rooms: N110,000 per session (N55,000 per semester)
    • 8 Bedded Rooms: N100,000 per session (N50,000 per semester)
  2. Lekki Campus:
    • 2 Bedded Rooms: N450,000 per session (N225,000 per semester)
    • 4 Bedded Rooms: N250,000 per session (N125,000 per semester)
    • 6 Bedded Rooms: N200,000 per session (N100,000 per semester)
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Section 4: Easy School Fee Payments

To streamline the payment process, Maranatha University offers multiple payment methods:

  1. Online payment via the university’s portal using debit or credit cards.
  2. Bank deposit or transfer to the university’s Zenith Bank account.
  3. POS payment at the university’s bursary unit.

Remember, cash payments are strictly prohibited. Ensure all payments are made through proper electronic channels to the provided Zenith Bank account.

Conclusion: Choosing Excellence at Maranatha University

Maranatha University stands as a beacon for those seeking quality education intertwined with strong moral values. This faith-based institution not only provides excellent academic instruction but also fosters an environment conducive to spiritual growth. With this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions as you embark on your educational journey at Maranatha University.

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