Masters Degree Grading Scale In Nigeria (Full Guide)

Embarking on the journey of earning a master’s degree in Nigeria brings exciting opportunities for career growth, specialized knowledge, and personal development. However, understanding the grading system for master’s degrees is crucial before diving into this academic adventure.

No Nationwide Standard:

Unlike undergraduate programs, there isn’t a single, nationwide grading scale for master’s degrees in Nigeria. Each university sets its own system, which can vary between departments and programs.

Common Grading Scales:

There are two main grading scales widely used:

  1. 5-Point Scale:
    • A = 70-100% (5 points)
    • B = 60-69% (4 points)
    • C = 50-59% (3 points)
    • F = Below 50% (0 points)
  2. 7-Point Scale:
    • Similar to the 5-point scale but with an extended range and potentially different grade point assignments.

Interpretations and Classifications:

Even within the same grading scale, interpretation and classification can vary. For instance:

  • Some universities consider grades above 75% as “Distinction,” while others may require 80% or more.
  • The definition of a “Pass” could be 50% at one university and 55% at another.

Illustrating Variations:

Let’s take a look at grading scales and interpretations in some prominent universities:

  1. University of Ibadan:
    • Uses a 5-point scale with “Distinction” above 75% and “Pass” at 50%.
  2. University of Nigeria, Nsukka:
    • Employs a 5-point scale with varying interpretations for “Distinction” and “Pass” depending on the program.
  3. Obafemi Awolowo University:
    • Primarily uses a 5-point scale, but some programs might utilize a 7-point scale.
  4. University of Port Harcourt:
    • Adopts a 5-point scale with interpretations for classifications like “Distinction” and “Pass” determined by the program.
  5. Lagos State University:
    • The university predominantly uses a 5-point scale.
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Understanding these variations will help you navigate the diverse grading systems across Nigerian universities as you pursue your master’s degree.

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