TASU Postgrads, Sandwich & IDELL Resumption & Exam Dates 2024

In a recent circular dated 3rd January 2024, Taraba State University has officially confirmed the resumption of academic activities for various programs, set to commence on 8th January 2024. This announcement by Joseph U. Bibinu, the Registrar of the university, holds significant importance in the academic calendar, signaling the continuation of educational pursuits after a recess period.

Immediate Commencement of Academic Duties:

As students return to campus, a prompt initiation of examinations and lectures is expected, aligning with individual schedules. This proactive approach ensures a smooth transition back into the academic routine.

Key Note for Postgraduate and Sandwich Students:

Students within the School of Postgraduate Studies and those enrolled in SANDWICH programs should take note of the upcoming examinations scheduled to start on 15th January 2024. This pivotal date serves as a crucial point for preparation and planning.

Guidance for Students:

To ensure a seamless resumption, students are advised to plan their return for the specified date. It is highly recommended that students reach out to their respective program coordinators, directors, and deans for any additional details or clarification needed. This proactive communication will contribute to a better understanding of individual program requirements.


Joseph U. Bibinu’s announcement, as the Registrar of Taraba State University, emphasizes the institution’s commitment to fostering a structured and efficient academic environment. Staying well-informed about these key dates and guidelines is crucial for a smooth academic journey at Taraba State University. As students prepare to resume, this comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for navigating the upcoming academic sessions. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most out of your educational experience at Taraba State University.

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