UNILORIN’s New Portal Guide: Accessing Academic Features Easily

Welcome back to the vibrant academic community of the University of Ilorin! As you step into the new academic session, you’ll be thrilled to discover the University’s latest stride in administrative technology – an innovative portal designed to elevate your academic journey. This blog post serves as your comprehensive guide to accessing and maximizing the features of UNILORIN’s cutting-edge portal.

Portal Access Instructions:

To embark on this exciting digital journey, start by navigating your web browser to UNILORIN’s portal. Utilize your Matriculation Number as the username, and for security purposes, remember to change your password during the first login. Your initial password will be a reflection of your matriculation number with the first letter capitalized.

Academic Tools:

Once inside, you’ll find a plethora of academic tools at your fingertips. Seamlessly handle Course Registration, access your Timetable, and conveniently view and download Fees Receipts. The portal also boasts features like Announcements, Hostel Booking, and a Learning Management system to enhance your overall academic experience.

Portal Features:

  • Announcements: Stay informed with the latest updates from the university management.
  • Hostel Booking: Secure your accommodation hassle-free through the portal.
  • Learning Management: Engage in online learning, download resources, and participate in assessments.


In case you encounter any challenges, our dedicated technical support team is here to assist you. Reach out to for prompt and efficient assistance.

Migration Note:

The University is currently in the process of updating records, ensuring a smoother transition for everyone. Be patient as this crucial phase progresses.

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To stay in the loop, make sure to provide a valid email address for essential updates and information. Communication is key in enhancing your academic experience.

Foundation Aim:

The core goal of this portal is to enhance the academic community experience at UNILORIN, emphasizing a commitment to excellence and student welfare.


Embrace this transformative change as UNILORIN pioneers a new era with its innovative portal. By following the outlined steps and exploring the portal’s features, you’re not just adapting to change but actively contributing to the University’s dedication to academic excellence. Your cooperation and patience during this phase are invaluable, ensuring a seamless transition for all. Here’s to unlocking success through UNILORIN’s advanced academic portal!

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