UNIUYO School Fees for Freshers and Returning Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

Are you a prospective or returning student at the University of Uyo (UNIUYO)? Wondering about the school fees for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session? This article provides a breakdown of the fees, important details, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Uniform School Fees:

UNIUYO maintains a uniform school fee structure for all courses. Whether you’re studying mass communication, computer science, accounting, or any other program, the fees are generally the same. However, certain courses may have additional charges.

Tuition Fees:

Good news for students – UNIUYO does not charge tuition fees. Both new and returning students are exempted from paying tuition fees.

Breakdown of Fees:

Here is a breakdown of various fees for the 2023/2024 academic session:

    • Caution: N2,000 (New students only)
    • Examination: N2,500 (New students), same for returning students
    • Student Union Dues: N500 (New students only)
    • Student Handbook: N500 (New students only)
    • TISHIP (Health Insurance): N2,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Library Fee: N2,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Games and Sports: N700 (Applicable to all)
    • University Calendar: N500 (New students only)
    • Screening/Verification of Results: N1,000 (New students only)
    • Utilities/Services: N5,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Laboratory Fee (Science Courses): N2,000 (Applicable to science students)
    • School Identity Card: N1,000 (New students only)
    • Accident Insurance: N400 (Applicable to all)
    • X-Ray/Lab Test: N2,500 (New students only)
    • Student Union Constitution/Books: N400 (New students only)
    • General Studies Registration Handbook: N3,250 (New students), N1,000 (Returning students)
    • Workshop Fees (Engineering and Environmental Studies): N2,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Clinical Fees (Pharmacy/Medical Students): N5,000 (New students), N2,500 (Returning students)
    • Production Fees/Studio (Communication, Theatre Arts, Music): N5,000 (Applicable to all)
    • ICT Project Fees: N3,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Database Charge: N2,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Finance Charge: N1,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Facility Management: N5,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Development Levy: N20,000 (Applicable to all)
    • Entrepreneurial Studies I & II: N2,000 (New Direct Entry students and 200 Level UTME students only)
    • Hostel Maintenance: N8,000 (Applicable to those with hostel accommodation)
    • Accommodation/Bed Space: N500 each (Applicable to those with hostel accommodation)
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Summary of Fees:

    • Newly admitted students: Approximately N70,000
    • Returning students: N60,000


Have more questions about UNIUYO school fees? Check out our FAQs section for quick answers to common queries.


Understanding the breakdown of UNIUYO school fees is crucial for both new and returning students. Make sure to pay attention to the specific charges applicable to your situation and pay your fees early to avoid extra charges. If you have further questions, refer to the FAQs or feel free to ask for clarification.

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