YSCA HND Admission Form 2024

Embark on a journey of educational excellence and professional mastery in the agricultural sector with Yobe State College of Agriculture’s (YSCA) diverse suite of Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes. At YSCA, we understand the evolving demands of the agricultural industry, and our meticulously structured courses are designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, preparing you for leadership roles in this dynamic field.

Explore Our Comprehensive HND Programmes:

  1. Animal Health Technology: Gain expertise in ensuring the well-being of animals through advanced health management techniques.
  2. Animal Production Technology: Learn the intricacies of optimizing animal production for a sustainable and efficient agricultural system.
  3. Agric Extension Management: Acquire skills in agricultural extension services, bridging the gap between research and practical application in farming communities.
  4. Crop Production Technology: Master the art of crop cultivation and management for increased yield and sustainable agricultural practices.
  5. Forestry Technology: Dive into the world of forestry management, understanding the importance of sustainable forestry practices.
  6. Pest Management Technology: Learn effective pest control strategies to protect crops and ensure agricultural productivity.
  7. Fisheries Technology: Explore the thriving field of fisheries, gaining knowledge in sustainable aquaculture and fishery management.
  8. Agribusiness Management Technology: Develop business acumen specific to the agricultural industry, preparing for leadership roles in agribusiness.

Application Procedure for HND Admission:

Getting started on your journey with YSCA is simple and accessible. Follow these steps:

1. Application Form Acquisition:

  • Purchase the admission form online at YSCA’s Admissions Portal.
  • The application form is reasonably priced at N5000.00.
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2. Explore More:

  • Visit the official website at to delve deeper into the college’s offerings and gain valuable insights.


Choosing YSCA for your HND programmes is a commitment to excellence and a desire for professional mastery in agricultural technologies. Our dynamic curriculum, coupled with a supportive learning environment, serves as the perfect catalyst to propel you towards success in the agricultural industry. Take the first step towards unlocking your agricultural potential with YSCA’s industry-leading HND programmes.

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