12 Best Courses To Study As An Art Students In Nigeria

If you’re an art student in Nigeria and wondering about the best courses to study at the university, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 50 top courses for art students, including details about each course and where you can find them in Nigeria.

Why Choose an Art Course?

When you’re in primary or junior secondary school, deciding whether to pursue an art or science course in higher education can be challenging. This list aims to help you make an informed decision by highlighting the best and less demanding art courses available.

Top 10 Art Courses in Nigeria:

  1. Political Science
    • Offered in various federal, state, and private universities like the University of Lagos and Osun State University.
  2. Law
    • Among the most marketable art courses, available in both federal and state universities.
  3. Mass Communication
    • Offered in several universities such as Federal University Lokoja and Kogi State University.
  4. History & International Relations
    • A marketable art course found in many universities across Nigeria.
  5. Psychology
    • An interdisciplinary course available in most universities, blending sciences and humanities.
  6. Theatre Art
    • Found in federal, state, and private universities, like Federal University Lafia and Rivers State University.
  7. English Language
    • A marketable art course offered in several universities in Nigeria.
  8. Linguistics
    • An art course available in various universities across Nigeria.
  9. Criminology and Security Studies
    • Offered in selected federal, state, and private universities.
  10. Music
    • Another marketable art course found in universities such as Lagos State University and the University of Port Harcourt.

Important Note:

Remember that these courses are suggestions, and the ultimate choice is yours. We’ve highlighted the best, less demanding, and cost-effective options to help you decide. Explore the variety of art courses available in Nigerian universities and choose the one that suits your interests and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Can I find these courses in both federal and state universities?
    • Yes, many of these courses are offered in both federal and state universities across Nigeria.
  2. Are there specific universities mentioned for each course?
    • Yes, we’ve provided examples of universities where each course can be studied, giving you a starting point for your research.

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