AKSU Cut-Off Mark for all Courses 2024/2025 Admission

Securing admission into Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) is a significant step towards academic success. To guide aspiring students, this blog post provides valuable insights into AKSU’s cut-off marks, departmental requirements, and essential tips to surpass these benchmarks.

AKSU Cut-Off Marks Overview:

AKSU utilizes various criteria to screen prospective students, including UTME, POST-UTME, ND, and other qualifiers. The standard cut-off marks include:

  • UTME Merit Cut-Off: 180 for all courses
  • Post UTME Cut-Off: 50% score in the POST UTME exam
  • Direct Entry Cut-Off:
    • Upper Credit or 3.5 GPA for ND holders
    • Lower Credit or 3.0 GPA for NID or IJMB

Departmental Cut-Off Marks:

It’s crucial to note that meeting the basic cut-off point doesn’t guarantee admission, as departmental cut-offs vary. Let’s delve into the per-department cut-off marks:

AKSU Departmental Cut-Off Marks

Faculty of Arts & Educational Studies

  • English & Literary Studies: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Linguistics & Nigerian Languages: UTME-140, Post UTME-55%
  • History & Diplomatic Studies: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Fine & Applied Arts: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • French: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%

Faculty of Sciences

  • Microbiology: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Industrial Chemistry: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Physics: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Mathematics: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Computer Science: UTME-220, Post UTME-60%

Faculty of Engineering

  • Civil Engineering: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering: UTME-140, Post UTME-60%
  • Mechanical Engineering: UTME-210, Post UTME-60%

Faculty of Environmental Studies

  • Architecture: UTME-140, Post UTME-55%
  • Building: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Estate Management: UTME-180, Post UTME-50%
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Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Accounting: UTME-140, Post UTME-50%
  • Banking & Finance: UTME-190, Post UTME-55%
  • Business Administration: UTME-180, Post UTME-50%

Calculating Cut-Off Marks:

AKSU determines cut-off marks using UTME, POST-UTME, ND results, and other diplomas. For instance, the UTME Merit Cut-Off is the average of all UTME subject scores.

Tips to Score Above AKSU Cut-Off Mark:

  1. Create a realistic study timetable and follow it diligently.
  2. Identify past questions for focused subjects and solve them consistently.
  3. Master high-scoring subjects like Mathematics thoroughly.
  4. Develop fast reading skills to complete exams within the allocated time.
  5. Attend intensive coaching to reinforce weak subjects.


Achieving a high score in AKSU’s admission process is crucial for success. While scoring above the prescribed cut-off is essential, participation in the Post UTME screening is equally vital. As you aim for at least 140 in your UTME, remember that dedication, strategic preparation, and active participation in the screening exercise will enhance your chances of securing admission into AKSU for the 2024/2025 academic session.

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