ATBU School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session | Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi School Fees

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi (ATBU) school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session. Whether you are a new student or returning for another year, this article will break down the fees structure and provide essential information to help you navigate the payment process.

ATBU School Fees Breakdown:

For Freshers (100 Level) and Returning Students (200 Level and above):

  1. Registration Fee: N1,250.00 (Freshers), N1,250.00 (Returning)
  2. Examination Fees: N2,500.00 (Freshers), N2,500.00 (Returning)
  3. Games Fees: N1,250.00 (Freshers), N1,250.00 (Returning)
  4. Laboratory Fee: N2,500.00 (Freshers), N2,500.00 (Returning)
  5. Library Fee: N1,250.00 (Freshers), N1,250.00 (Returning)
  6. Technology (ICT) Fee: N3,750.00 (Freshers), N3,750.00 (Returning)
  7. Student’s Medical Fees/Tship: N2,000.00 (Freshers), N2,000.00 (Returning)
  8. Semester Result Collection Fee: N/A (Freshers), N1,000.00 (Returning)
  9. Municipal Service Fee: N/A (Freshers), N4,000.00 (Returning)
  10. Entry Qualification Verification: N2,500.00 (Freshers), N/A (Returning)
  11. Caution Deposit: N1,250.00 (Freshers), N/A (Returning)
  12. Orientation Fee: N1,250.00 (Freshers), N/A (Returning)

Sub-Total: N39,250.00 (Freshers), N39,250.00 (Returning)

Additional Fees for Returning Students:

13. ID Card: N1,250.00 (Returning)

  1. Field Trip/SIWES/IT/TP: N/A (Freshers), N2,000.00 (Returning)

Total: N22,000.00 (Freshers), N14,500.00 (Returning)

Special Fees:

15. Foreign Students: N82,000.00 (Freshers), N74,500.00 (Returning)

  1. Accommodation/Hostel Maintenance Fee: N5,090.00 (Freshers), N5,090.00 (Returning)

Total (Including Special Fees): N44,250.00 (Freshers), N39,500.00 (Returning)

Important Information:

  • ATBU emphasizes that fees should be paid before the specified deadline to avoid any issues.
  • The deadline for payment is crucial, so students are urged to complete their fees payment promptly.
  • For Science-related courses and direct entry students, the updated fee schedule can be confirmed on the official ATBU website at
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Q1: Where can I pay my ATBU school fees? A: You can make your payment on the ATBU school fees portal at

Q2: What is the deadline for ATBU school fees payment? A: The deadline for payment is specified by ATBU, and it is advisable to pay before the portal closure to avoid any complications.

Q3: Are there any additional fees for specific courses or entry levels? A: Yes, additional fees may apply for certain courses, and the current fee schedule can be checked on the official ATBU website.


We hope this guide has provided a clear understanding of the ATBU school fees for the 2024/2025 academic session. For the latest updates or if you have any specific concerns, feel free to drop your comments, and we will respond promptly. Remember to pay your fees on time and have a successful academic year at ATBU!

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