Can I Apply For JAMB Direct Entry While At NYSC Service?

If you are currently a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and considering pursuing another degree through JAMB Direct Entry (DE), you might have some questions about the feasibility and legality of such a decision. This post aims to provide answers to common queries and address concerns regarding pursuing a second degree while serving in NYSC.

1. Is it Possible to Apply for JAMB DE While Serving in NYSC?

Yes, it is entirely possible to seek admission into a university through the JAMB Direct Entry (DE) process while serving as a corps member. DE admission allows entry into the 200 or 300 level of your chosen course, and some universities accept HND/BSc holders into the 300 level through DE. There are no specific NYSC regulations prohibiting corps members from applying for university admission during their service year.

Since you have a year to complete your service, you can use that time to process your DE admission without conflicting with your service obligations. If you receive admission during your service year, you may consider deferring it until after completing your NYSC service.

2. Will I Be Given Admission?

If you are concerned about JAMB being aware of your previous admission or educational background, there’s no need to worry. JAMB is generally concerned with your current enrollment status rather than your past educational experiences.

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To be on the safe side, consider creating a new JAMB profile for your DE registration, using a different phone number from your initial HND or BSc admission. This helps establish a distinction and avoids potential complications.

Rest assured, you are unlikely to encounter admission issues through JAMB Direct Entry due to your previous educational background or NYSC service. The key is to follow the proper procedures and apply through the DE program.


Q1: Can I pursue a second degree at the same university where I graduated? Yes, if you hold a BSc degree, you may have the opportunity to pursue a second degree at the same university. However, attempting to pursue two different degree programs simultaneously at the same university is generally not allowed.

Q2: What should I do if I receive DE admission during my service year? Consider deferring the admission until after completing your NYSC service. This allows you to focus on fulfilling your service responsibilities before starting your new academic program.

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