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Canadian Study Visa: How To Apply For It

In today’s article, we are going to consider Canadian study visa and how to apply for it. In our previous article, we talked about studying in Canada, the tuition fees, cost of living and other requirements. Now we want to talk about the student visa.

We all know that before one can enter a country, that individual needs a a visa t travel. Visa usually are valid for 90 days after that the student applies for study permit and changes the status to study permit. In order for you to study and live in Canada, you need a study permit. In this article, we are going to consider ways you can apply for Canada study visa and how to change it to study permit over there.

How To Apply For Canadian Study Permit

To apply for Canadian study permit you first have to apply for visa in your home country. Don’t forget that you’ll first get a visa before changing it to study permit over there in Canada. The first step to applying for visa is to get admission from a recognized Canadian University. To do this, however, you will have to contact the schools, request for admission documents or apply online from the university portal. Once you’ve been issued admission, the next thing is to pay the tuition fees.

As discussed inĀ  our previous article, universities in Canada are quite affordable and usually range from cad$6000 to cad$20,000 per year for most programs. If you want to apply for admission into a university of your choice, all you have to do is contact the university via their website , locate the online admission portal, sign up with your email address and fill out the forms correctly. Once the admission team goes through your application and sees that you meet the requirements, an offer will be given you through your email, so ensure you use that correct email address when applying for your admission.

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Once you have been given an admission offer, the next thing is to gather your visa required documents. What are these visa required documents? Let’s consider them below:

Canada Student Visa Required Documents

The following are the basic required documents needed for Canadian student visa:

  1. Admission Letter from a recognized Canadian University
  2. Proof Of Funds
  3. A valid international passport
  4. A statement of purpose
  5. passport photos
  6. An introduction letter sent to you by the visa office
  7. Medical test certificates
  8. English language test.

Now let’s consider these requirements one after another.

Admission Letter From a Recognized University

This is usually the first thing you should get. Start early to apply for admissions into universities so they can issue an offer letter early. This letter will be sent to you through email once your application has been approved.

Proof Of Funds

The Canadian government wants you to have enough funds so you can take care of your tuition fees and cost of living for atleast one year. This amount should be enough to cover for your tuition fees and living expenses. A total of atleast cad$18,000 will be required by the embassy which must be documented in the form of bank statement of 3 to 6 months. Ensure you have enough funds to reflect this amount when printing out your bank statement.

A valid International Passport

An international passport is issued in an immigration office. Before applying for a Canadian visa, ensure you international passport is valid of atleast 6 months prior to visa application. If you apply with an expired passport, your application will be denied by the immigration and you will mar your chances of studying in Canada.

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A Statement Of PurposeĀ 

A statement of purpose talks about your motivation, education history, hobbies and the reasons why you have decided to study in that country. Make sure you take your time to prepare this highlighting the reasons you chose Canada over other countries. Also talk about the program you’ve chosen to study in Canada and the reasons you choose it over other programs.

Passport Photos

Everyone knows what a passport photo is. When taking a passport photo, ensure it meets the Canadian embassy standard. If possible, let the photographer know you want to use it for Canadian visa application.

Medical Test

Ensure you’ve booked for and pay for your medical test in an approved medical center. Canada has some approved health centers that use for the medical test, so ensure you find out these health centers and carry out your medical test accordingly.

English Language Test

If English language is not your official language, ensure that you sit for an English test. You can choose to take IELTS or TOEFL and get a good score in this test. Once you have a good score, you can use it and apply for visa.

These are all the documents needed for Canadian student visa, ensure that you contact the Canadian embassy in your home country and find out more information on how to apply for Canadian visa.

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