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How To Study In Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with world renewed Universities. Most of it’s universities are ranked in top in the world. Today, many students choose to study in Canada because of the high quality of education in the country. Apart from the quality of education, Canada has very cheap and affordable universities. Tuition fees in Canadian Universities are one of the lowest when compared with places like the United Kingdom and United States Of America.

In this article, we are going to consider studying in Canada, tuition fees, cost of living and everything you need to know about studying in this beautiful country.

Cost Of Studying In Canada

Like I said earlier, the cost of studying in Canada is affordable compared to other tier-1 countries like the UK, US etc. For example, the tuition fees in Canadian schools usually range from cad$5000 to cad$20,000 per year.

This is very affordable, especially when you compare it with universities in the UK, where tuition fees range from 12,000 pounds to 17,000 pounds per year. Also in the united states too, tuition fees is very high and usually range from $17,000 to $25000 per year. With this you can see that the cost of studying in Canada is quite low and affordable. Let us now consider the cost of living in Canada as an international students.

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Cost Of Living In Canada

The cost of living in Canada in Canada is equally low and very affordable for international students. If you are a student in Canada, expect to spend between cad$600 to cad$800 per month for your living expenses. This will cover the cost of your feeding, accommodation, transportation, buying of books, recreation and other little expenses.

Please note that this amount is just an estimation, the amount could be lower and higher depending on the spending habit of a student. Now that we’ve seen the cost of studying and living in Canada, let us consider the admission requirements so you know how to prepare yourself accordingly.

Admission Requirements

To study in a Canadian university, you must meet certain requirements which am going to talk about now. For undergraduate studies, applicant must have a good high school diploma and credit passes in subjects like mathematics, English Language, Biology, Physics and other related subjects. You should also have a valid international passport, not less than 6 months validity, and a test of English certificate like TOEFL or IELTS if you were not taught in English language.

For postgraduate studies, applicants should have a good bachelors degree in a related field of study. Your bachelors education must always related to what you intend to study in Canada. In addition to this, you should also prepare a statement of purpose, highlighting your motivation and why you want to study the course you’ve chosen. You should also provide two reference letters, one from your institution and the other one from your place of work. In addition to all these, a valid international passport and test of English certificate is also required for admission.

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Please always contact the school to find out some specific admission requirements so you don’t miss anyone when applying for studies.

How To Apply For Admission 

Applying for admission into Canadian Universities is pretty straight forward. Most of the universities accept admission online so you only have to apply for it on the university’s website. Before you start your application, ensure that you have all your educational documents, like your BSC certificate, high school certificate etc. You will be expected to upload all during the online application process. Once you have submitted your application with all required documents, the admission team will go through it and issue you an offer letter if your application is successful.

Once you have been given admission, the next thing is to work on your visa application. In our next article, I will talk about the process involved in applying for Canadian visa, the documents need, proof of funds and other requirements, so make sure you stick around.


As you can see studying and living in Canada is very affordable compared to other tier-1 countries like the UK, US, Australia etc. If you want to study in Canada, ensure that you start your application on time and gather all the required documents. It’s advised that you start your application atleast 6 months to 1 year ahead of the start of the program. For example, if the program is starting September 2023, ensure that you start your preparations by January of that year or earlier.

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