CBT Requirements: JAMB CBT Centre Requirements

In 2023, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has outlined official requirements for establishing a Computer-Based Test (CBT) Centre. This blog post aims to break down these requirements in simple terms for anyone interested in starting their own JAMB CBT Centre.

  1. Functional Laptops and Backups:
    • 250 laptops with Intel Dual core Celeron/Pentium processors, 4GB RAM, SSD storage (32GB minimum), 14” screen, and Windows 10.
    • 10% backups (25 laptops) are necessary to ensure smooth operations.
  2. Individual Cubicles:
    • Each system requires a dedicated cubicle with dimensions: 18′ height, 18′ breadth, and 26′ length.
  3. Robust Server Connection:
    • A computer server capable of handling a minimum of 250 systems simultaneously is essential.
  4. Cable LAN Connectivity:
    • All computer systems must be connected through a cable Local Area Network (LAN) as wireless connections are not allowed.
  5. Uninterrupted Power Supply:
    • Continuous power during the exam period with backup power sources.
    • Centres with 250 systems: 40kva power generator.
    • Centres with 350 systems or more: 100kva power generator.
    • UPS/Inverters to power all systems for at least 120 seconds (2 hours).
  6. Technical Support and Security:
    • Five technicians, one network engineer, and adequate security personnel must be available.
  7. Standby Backup Power Supply:
    • Generators with specified capacities as mentioned above.
  8. Proper Fencing:
    • Each centre must be properly fenced.
  9. Reception Facility:
    • A reception area with seating arrangements must be provided.
  10. Exclusivity of Premises:
    • Centres must not share premises with cinema halls, markets, shopping malls, residential homes, etc.
  11. Air-conditioning and Lighting:
    • Adequate and functional air-conditioners and lighting must be in place.
  12. Virus-Free Systems:
    • All systems must be virus-free and equipped with updated antivirus software.
  13. Operating System:
    • Minimum Windows 7 or a higher version.
  14. Security Cameras (CCTV):
    • IP Cameras with specific HIKVISION specifications for DVR and NVR machines.
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Q: Can I use Wi-Fi for the computer systems? A: No, all systems must be connected through a cable Local Area Network (LAN).

Q: How long should the backup power supply last? A: UPS/Inverters must power all systems for a minimum of 120 seconds (2 hours).

Q: Are there specific requirements for the reception area? A: The reception area should have seating arrangements, which can be a canopy with chairs or a conducive hall with chairs.

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