Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) School Fees Schedule for 2024/2025

Lagos State Polytechnic, popularly known as LASPOTECH, stands as a cornerstone of educational excellence in Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 1978 as the Lagos State College of Science and Technology, it has evolved into a thriving institution with a rich history and significant contributions to education.

Early Days and Evolution

In its inaugural year, LASPOTECH embarked on its educational journey with just 287 students and five departments: Management and Business Studies, Basic Studies, Insurance, Secretarial Studies, and Accountancy and Finance. Over the years, the institution underwent significant growth and development.

In 1988, the then-governor, Brigadier General Raji Rasaki, renamed it Lagos State Polytechnic. Today, LASPOTECH boasts over 50,000 students and 800 teaching staff across three campuses located in Isolo, Surulere, and Ikosi.

Colleges and Courses

From its humble beginnings, LASPOTECH has expanded its academic offerings. Currently organized into seven Colleges for OND (Ordinary National Diploma) students and six Colleges for HND (Higher National Diploma) students, the institution provides a diverse range of courses.

The Colleges cover various fields, including Agriculture, Management and Business Studies, Environmental Studies, Technology, Communication and Liberal Studies, Pure and Applied Science, and Engineering Technology.

Admission Process

Prospective students aiming to join LASPOTECH are advised to perform well in the UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination). Admissions are determined by JAMB officials based on SSCE (Senior School Certificate Examination) and UTME results. Additionally, the institution may offer admissions to qualified candidates through other channels.

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Academic Excellence and Extracurricular Activities

LASPOTECH not only offers quality education but also encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities. The institution actively engages in the country’s annual Polytechnic games, providing opportunities for students to participate in athletics, gymnastics, football, and other sporting events.

The mission of LASPOTECH is to produce highly skilled individuals for the labor market, a commitment the institution has upheld since its inception.

School Fees for 2024/2025

As a state-owned institution, LASPOTECH’s school fees are reasonable, making it accessible to students from various backgrounds. The fees vary for different programs, including ND1, ND2, HND1 Diplomate, HND1 Non-Diplomate, HND2, and HND Repeater. The breakdown includes acceptance fees and school fees, with slight variations among the categories.


Q1: How many campuses does LASPOTECH have? A: LASPOTECH operates on three campuses located in Isolo, Surulere, and Ikosi.

Q2: What are the admission requirements? A: Admission is based on performance in the UTME, SSCE results, and may also include other criteria determined by the institution.

Q3: Are LASPOTECH’s school fees affordable? A: Yes, LASPOTECH’s school fees are reasonable, making it accessible to students from average backgrounds.


Lagos State Polytechnic, with its rich history, diverse academic offerings, and commitment to excellence, stands as a beacon of quality education in Lagos. Aspiring students have the opportunity to not only receive a sound education but also engage in enriching extracurricular activities.

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