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The University of Ibadan, fondly known as UI or Unibadan, stands as one of Nigeria’s leading institutions, celebrated for its commitment to quality education, a picturesque environment conducive to learning, and a zero-tolerance policy for immorality. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history and features that have propelled UI to its esteemed position in the country.

History and Establishment:

The roots of UI trace back to 1948 when it was established as the University College of Ibadan. It secured its permanent site in 1963, commencing lectures and degree-awarding programs. Initially, the University’s academic programs were overseen by the University of London due to their affiliation. Notably, the University of Ibadan was Nigeria’s first degree-awarding university, gaining autonomy in 1967.

Distinctive Features:

Several factors contribute to UI’s distinction among Nigerian universities:

  1. Quality of Education: UI boasts well-trained and professional lecturers, a fast academic calendar, and modern teaching equipment enhancing students’ understanding.
  2. Faculties: UI offers a diverse range of faculties, currently totaling 13, with a proposed 14th faculty under consideration. The faculties include College of Medicine, Arts, Science, Agriculture and Forestry, Social Sciences, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Law, Public Health, Dentistry, and more.
  3. Beautiful Environment: The university is known for its gorgeous surroundings, providing a visually appealing and inspiring atmosphere for students.
  4. Autonomy: Since gaining autonomy in 1967, UI manages all its activities independently without interference from the University of London.
  5. Proposed Faculty: The university is considering the addition of the Faculty of Economics, Environmental Design, and Management.
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School Fees:

The blog post also provides insights into the school fees structure for various departments and levels at UI, including Agriculture, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, and the Faculty of Arts. The detailed breakdown assists both new and returning students in understanding the financial requirements for their academic pursuits.


The University of Ibadan’s journey to becoming a top-tier institution in Nigeria reflects its commitment to academic excellence, a beautiful learning environment, and a diverse range of faculties. As UI continues to evolve, it remains a beacon of quality education in the nation.


Q1: When did the University of Ibadan gain autonomy? A1: The University of Ibadan gained autonomy in 1967, freeing it from the supervision of the University of London.

Q2: How many faculties does UI currently have? A2: UI currently has 13 faculties, with a 14th faculty under consideration.

Q3: What is the proposed 14th faculty at UI? A3: The proposed 14th faculty is Economics, Environmental Design, and Management.

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