LASU Subject Combination For Sociology

Are you considering pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology at Lagos State University (LASU)? Exciting opportunities await you! LASU’s Sociology program offers a rich learning experience that delves into social theory, research methods, gender studies, and more. But before you embark on this journey, you’ll need to select the right subjects to meet the requirements. Let’s explore how to unlock your LASU dream through subject combinations:

JAMB Requirements:

  • English Language (compulsory): A foundational skill for academic success.
  • Three other subjects: Choose from Mathematics, Economics, Government, History, Geography, or any other Social Science subject like Sociology or Psychology.

Recommended Combos:

  1. The Social Science Savvy:
    • English Language, Government, History, Sociology
    • Why? Government and History provide insights into political systems and social contexts, while Sociology equips you to analyze social structures and cultural trends.
  2. The Quantitative Analyst:
    • English Language, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology
    • Why? Mathematics enhances analytical skills crucial for data interpretation, research, and social statistics. Economics deepens understanding of resource allocation and societal inequalities.


Is Mathematics compulsory for Sociology in LASU? Mathematics isn’t compulsory but can be advantageous, especially for data interpretation and research careers.

Can I combine two Social Sciences other than Sociology in my JAMB subjects? Absolutely! LASU accepts various Social Science subjects like Psychology or Anthropology, broadening your understanding of society.

What if I don’t get the exact subject combination I wanted? Don’t worry! LASU considers strong O’Level grades and offers opportunities to improve JAMB scores. Dedication and hard work can overcome obstacles.

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