10 Best Courses To Study In Nigeria For Quick Employment

Feeling unsure about what to study after school? Worried about finding a job after graduation? Don’t fret! This guide is here to help you navigate through the maze of career options and find the right path to quick employment in Nigeria. Just like choosing the right bus to take you to an exciting destination, selecting the right course can set you on the fast track to a fulfilling career. Let’s explore 10 courses in Nigeria with high demand and promising job prospects.


Nursing offers diverse opportunities in hospitals, clinics, and public health sectors. With Nigeria’s growing population and healthcare needs, the demand for nurses is on the rise. Nursing also provides flexible work options and a rewarding career helping others.

Computer Science:

The field of computer science is booming with rapid technological advancements. There’s a high demand for software developers, data analysts, cybersecurity experts, and AI specialists. Computer science offers excellent salary potential and opportunities to work on innovative projects.


Accounting skills are highly sought-after across various industries. With strong analytical and financial skills, accountants are in abundance. There are plenty of job opportunities in both private and public sectors for aspiring accountants.

Electrical/Electronics Engineering:

Electrical and electronics engineering is in high demand for various projects related to power generation, transmission, and distribution. This field offers diverse career paths in industries like telecommunications, energy, and manufacturing, with competitive salaries.

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Civil Engineering:

Civil engineering plays a crucial role in infrastructure development in Nigeria. Job opportunities abound in construction companies, government projects, and consulting firms for civil engineers.


Marketing professionals craft strategies to drive business growth. With strong communication and analytical skills, marketers have diverse career paths across various industries.

Mass Communication:

Mass communication offers a wide range of opportunities in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, and advertising. Strong communication and critical thinking skills are valued in this field.

Human Resource Management:

Human resource management is essential for attracting, hiring, and developing employees. With competitive salaries and increasing demand, HR professionals play a crucial role in organizations.

Hospitality Management:

The growing tourism industry in Nigeria creates opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and event management. Hospitality management requires strong customer service and organizational skills.


Agriculture is vital for ensuring food security and sustainable practices. There’s high demand for agricultural professionals in research, extension services, and agribusinesses, especially with specialization in areas like poultry or aquaculture.


What factors should I consider when choosing a course for quick employment in Nigeria? Consider the job market demand, your personal interests and skills, the cost of education, program reputation, and internship opportunities.

What are the salary ranges for graduates with these courses in Nigeria? Salary ranges vary depending on factors like experience, qualification, location, and employer type. However, most of these courses offer promising career paths with competitive salaries.

Are there government initiatives supporting employment for graduates in Nigeria? Yes, the Nigerian government has various initiatives like the Youth Enterprise Support Scheme (YESS) and N-Power, offering grants, training, and job placement opportunities in various sectors.

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Conclusion: Choosing the right course is crucial for securing quick employment in Nigeria. Consider the demand for skills, your interests, and available support programs. With the right course and determination, you can embark on a successful career journey.

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