Subject Combination For Linguistics

Are you interested in studying Linguistics in Nigeria but unsure about the best subject combinations to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll explore different subject combinations for Linguistics and provide insights into universities offering this sought-after course.

Recommended Subject Combinations for Linguistics:

  1. English Language: If you love language and literature, consider combinations like English Language and Literature, English Language and Mathematics, or English Language and Biology. These combinations build a strong foundation in language and literature, which is essential for success in Linguistics.
  2. French Language: For those interested in broadening their linguistic horizons, combinations like French Language and Literature, French Language and Government, or French Language and Economics are suitable. French Language enhances analytical skills and cultural understanding, making it valuable for Linguistics studies.
  3. Physics or Chemistry: If you have a knack for science, consider combinations like Physics or Chemistry with Mathematics or Biology. These combinations offer a balance of scientific and mathematical skills that can complement your study of Linguistics.


1. What is the most suitable JAMB subject combination for Linguistics? The most suitable JAMB subject combination for Linguistics varies depending on the requirements of each university. However, combinations involving English Language such as English Language and Literature, English Language and Mathematics, or English Language and Biology are generally acceptable.

2. Can I study Linguistics without English language? No, it’s not possible to study Linguistics without passing the English language examination set by JAMB. Since English is the language of instruction in Linguistics, proficiency in English is a must for pursuing this course.

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3. Is Linguistics difficult to study? Studying Linguistics can be challenging yet rewarding. It involves understanding language structure, variation, acquisition, and analysis. With dedication and passion for languages, students can overcome these challenges and excel in their Linguistics studies.

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