List Of Courses Offered At Nigerian Army School Of Medical Sciences

The Nigerian Army School of Medical Sciences (NASMS) in Ojo, Lagos State, stands out as a top-notch institution offering education and training in healthcare for military personnel. Established in 1970, it has grown into a center of excellence, providing diverse academic programs to enhance the professional development of officers in the Nigerian Army Medical Corps.

Academic Programs: NASMS offers two main types of programs:

  1. Undergraduate Degree Programs: a. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): A five-year program that turns students into qualified medical doctors. b. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Nursing: A four-year program preparing students for a career in registered nursing. c. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physiotherapy: A four-year program focusing on physiotherapy techniques for rehabilitation.
  2. Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate Programs: a. Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine: A one-year program for medical officers, specializing in primary healthcare delivery. b. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health: A one-year program covering public health principles and practices. c. Certificate Courses: Short programs in areas like disaster management, medical laboratory technology, and military psychiatry.

Teaching Approach:

NASMS follows a student-centered learning approach, employing modern methods such as interactive lectures, simulation exercises, and clinical placements in military hospitals. The faculty consists of experienced medical professionals and military officers, providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Admission Process:

Admission to NASMS programs is competitive, considering academic qualifications, physical fitness, and commitment to service obligations in the Nigerian Army.

Graduation and Commission:

Upon completing their chosen program, graduates are commissioned as medical officers in the Nigerian Army Medical Corps. They serve in various roles nationwide, contributing to military healthcare.

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NASMS is not just a school; it’s a hub for healthcare excellence within the Nigerian Army. With its specialized programs and dedicated faculty, it plays a crucial role in shaping medical professionals for military service, ensuring the health and well-being of the armed forces and the nation.

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