List Of Courses Offered By Federal University Dutse (FUD)

Are you considering Federal University Dutse (FUD) for your higher education journey? It’s essential to know if they offer the courses you’re interested in.

Here’s a breakdown of the accredited courses at FUD:

  1. Zoology
  2. Taxation
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Primary Education Studies
  5. Political Science
  6. Physics
  7. Microbiology
  8. Medicine and Surgery
  9. Mathematics
  10. Linguistic/French
  11. Linguistic/English
  12. Linguistic/Arabic
  13. Library and Information Science
  14. Islamic Studies
  15. Insurance
  16. Information Technology
  17. Human Physiology
  18. Human Anatomy
  19. Forestry And Wildlife Management
  20. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  21. Environmental Management And Toxicology
  22. English Language
  23. Economics
  24. Criminology And Security Studies
  25. Cyber Security
  26. Computer Science
  27. Chemistry
  28. Business Administration
  29. Botany
  30. Biotechnology
  31. Biology
  32. Biochemistry
  33. Banking and Finance
  34. Agriculture
  35. Actuarial Science
  36. Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does FUD Offer Cyber Security?

  • Yes, FUD offers Cyber Security.

2. Can I Study Medicine and Surgery In FUD?

  • Absolutely! Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) is one of the accredited undergraduate courses at FUD.

3. Does FUD Offer Software Engineering?

  • Yes, FUD provides Software Engineering as a course.

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