List Of Courses Under Educational Management In LASU

Are you interested in studying Educational Management at Lagos State University (LASU)? Here’s everything you need to know about the courses offered at undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels.

Undergraduate Level:

If you’re starting your journey in Educational Management at LASU, you’ll encounter core courses that cover foundational principles. These include:

  • Educational Planning and Policy
  • Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Educational Finance and Resource Management
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • Human Resource Management in Education
  • School-Community Relations
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Research Methods in Education

Additionally, depending on your interests, you can choose elective courses from various specializations like Guidance and Counseling, Special Education, Educational Technology, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, and Higher Education Administration.

Postgraduate Level:

For those aiming for advanced study, LASU offers both Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Educational Management. Here are some of the courses you’ll encounter:

Masters in Educational Management:

  • Advanced Educational Planning and Policy
  • Strategic Leadership in Education
  • Financial Management in Education
  • Management of Change in Educational Organizations
  • Project Management in Education
  • Research in Educational Management

Ph.D. in Educational Management:

  • Dissertation Research
  • Advanced Seminar in Educational Management
  • Independent Study in Educational Management

Diploma in Educational Management:

If you’re a working professional seeking to enhance your skills, LASU’s Diploma program through the Open and Distance Learning and Research Institute (ODLRI) is tailored for you. Key courses include:

  • Foundations of Educational Management
  • Principles of Educational Planning and Policy
  • Financial Management in Education
  • Human Resource Management in Education
  • School Leadership and Administration
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Here are some common questions about LASU’s Educational Management programs:

  1. What is LASU’s admission cut-off mark? LASU’s admission cut-off mark varies based on the program and department. Official cut-off marks are released after UTME and Post-UTME screening exercises.
  2. What are the tuition fees at LASU? Tuition fees vary depending on the program and year of study. LASU’s fees are generally affordable compared to other universities in Nigeria.
  3. Does LASU offer scholarships? Yes, LASU offers various scholarships and financial aid programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including merit-based and need-based scholarships.
  4. What are the most popular courses at LASU? Popular courses at LASU include Law, Mass Communication, Medicine, Accounting, Computer Science, Business Administration, and Education.
  5. What is the accommodation situation like at LASU? LASU provides on-campus accommodation for a limited number of students, but most students live off-campus in private hostels or apartments around the university area.

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