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List Of Low Tuition Universities In Slovenia

Slovenia is one small country in Europe that many people don’t know about. This country has a good number of universities that’s affordable for international students who do not have much to spend on high tuition fees abroad. In this article, we are going to talk about about low tuition universities in Slovenia that offer qualitative education to international students.

Apart from Slovenia, there are other European countries that charge very low tuition fees for international students. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Austria, Switzerland etc. In this countries the tuition fees usually range from $2000 to $3500 per year, which can be paid in installments as well. We are not going to talk about them now. The focus here will be on Slovenia. So without much waste of time let’s dive straight to low tuition universities in Slovenia.

Low tuition universities in slovenia

Cost Of Study in Slovenia

Slovenia, like I said earlier has very affordable universities for international students. If you are looking for a cool and conducive country to pursue your studies at very affordable rate, I will advise that you consider studying in Slovenia. The tuition fees for their public universities is in the range of 2000 euro to 3000 euro per year, which can also be paid in installments. Apart fromĀ  this, students have the options of studying in English language. Now that we have looked at the cost of study in Slovenia, let us also consider the cost of living in Slovenia.

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Cost Of Living In Slovenia

The cost of living in Slovenia is quite low and affordable when compared to other European countries. Cost of living is the total cost an individual needs to take care of his/her living expenses. As a student you need money for your transportation, buying of books, recreation, rents etc. The amount you use to take care of these expenses is referred to as cost of living. The cost of living in Slovenia is put at 300 euro to 500 euro per month and will be enough to cover expenses such as a accommodation, feeding , transportation, recreation etc.

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Can You Work and Study In Slovenia?

Yes, students are allowed to take up part time jobs while they are studying in Slovenia. For this to be possible, you much has gotten your admission, visa, arrived the country, apply for your study permit. Once your study permit is ready, you can then apply for some part time jobs. You can contact the school authority for more information on how to search for jobs and apply for it in Slovenia.

List Of Low Tuition Universities In Slovenia

Universities in Slovenia are very affordable and many of them charge very low tuition fees. Now let us take a look at some of the affordable or low tuition universities in Slovenia that offer qualitative education for international students.

  1. University Of Ljubljana
  2. University Of Maribor
  3. University of Nova Gorica
  4. Nova Univerza
  5. EMUNI University

There are very few universities in Slovenia as you can see above. Now let us see the process involved in applying for admission into a Slovenian university.

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How To Apply For Admission

To apply for admission into a Slovenian university is pretty easy, all you have to do is have internet access, a computer, scanner etc. First go online and search for your desired course and once you have seen it, look for a Slovenian University offering this course, visit their website and start applying for admission online. You will be expected to upload documents like a valid international passport, academic certificates and diplomas, reference letters, transcripts etc.

Once you have submitted your application and uploaded these documents, the admission team will go through it and if you qualify, an offer letter will be sent to you via email. The moment you get an offer from any university, pay part of your tuition fees and start visa processing as soon as possible.

How To Apply For Visa

Once you have been given admission, the next step is to start gathering documents for visa processing. If you want to apply for visa, you have to meet all the requirements. Some of these requirements include an offer letter from a god university, proof of funds from your sponsor, visa application form and other documents.

Once you have all these, kindly locate a Slovenian embassy around you and start visa processing as soon as possible.


As you can see, there are a good number of low tuition universities in Slovenia that offer qualitative education to international students. Now that you have seen these schools, why not contact them and start your admission processing immediately. Thanks for reading my article, if you fund this article informative, why not share it so others can read and learn.

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