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Cheapest Tuition Universities In Spain For International Students

So today we are going to focus our attention on the cheapest tuition universities in Spain with affordable tuition fees for international students. We’ve talked about other low tuition universities in some European countries where tuition fees is extremely low and affordable for international students. Kindly check through the archive section of this blog to dig out these articles. Today our focus will be on cheapest tuition universities in Spain for international students. Please note that the tuition fees charged by these universities is very low usually in the range of 1000 euro to 3000 euro per year for international students.

Spain is a European country which is situated in the South West and some parts of it in the Atlantic ocean. The country has a lot of public and private universities with very affordable tuition fees for international students. If you can’t study in countries like the UK, USA, Canada where the tuition fees is very high, you can make up your mind to study in Spain. Now, we want to look at the cost associated with studying in Spain as an international student.

Cost Of Studying In Spain

Like I said earlier, the cost associated with studying in Spain is very affordable compared to most countries in Europe. In their public university, international students usually pay between 1000 to 3000 euro per year while in private schools the fees can go as high as 6000 euro per year. The difference here is that public schools charge cheaper fees but the language of instruction is in Spanish, while private universities charge a higher fees but they teach in English language. If the language of instruction will not be an issue, you can go for studies in public universities so you can save money. Now we want to take a look at the cost of living in Spain for international students.

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Cost Of Living In Spain 

The cost of living is the cost an individual needs to cover for expenses such as feeding, accommodation, recreation, transportation etc. In Spain, an international student is expected to spend between 400 to 600 euro per year. This amount should cover expenses such as feeding, accommodation, transportation, buying of books etc. You can live on less if you know how to economize. Please note that during visa process, the embassy will like to see that you have this amount to cover for your living expenses for a period of 1 year.  Now that we have see the cost of living and study in Spain let us now find out if one can get scholarship or work and study in Spain.

Can Students Work and Study In Spain?

Many international students depend on part time work to be able to finance their study abroad. For this very reason, many countries allow students to take up part time jobs while pursuing their study, so they will be able to take care of their living expenses while studying in that country. Spain allows international students to work and study and but you should be careful not to allow your work affect your studies. You can work in the night and attend classes during the day and when it gets to vacation, you can work full time.

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Can You Get Scholarship To Study In Spain?

Yes, every day scholarships are advertised for students who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees abroad. Spanish universities and government also give out lots of these scholarships yearly to assist international students pay their tuition fees. If you are looking for a scholarship to study in Spain, I will advise that you start searching online and apply to the ones available. Scholarships come with deadline so make sure you apply before deadline so you can be considered for the award.

List Of Cheapest Tuition Universities In Spain

  1. University Of Valencia
  2. University Of Barcelona
  3. UGR Granada
  4. University Of Salamanca
  5. University Of Seville
  6. University Of Zaragoza
  7. University Of Alicante

How To Apply For Admission 

If you are planning to study in Spain, you might be wondering how to apply for admission into universities in Spain. Well, the process is straightforward and doesn’t require much. All you have to do is search for your program online and find out the school offering this program. Once you have seen it, start your online application. If the school doesn’t have an online application page, you can email your admission documents to them. The moment the admission department gets your documents and application, they will start processing it and if your application is approved, an offer letter will be issued to you so you can start your visa application.


Hope you enjoyed reading this informative article on cheapest tuition universities in Spain? If you need more information do well to contact the schools listed in this article and get more information about the process.

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