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List Of Tuition Free Universities In Germany

Free universities in GermanyOh yes! Many schools in Germany are operating tuition free education. What this means is that as a student in Germany, you will not be expected to pay tuition fees at all. But why is this so? Education is hugely funded by the government in Germany and as a result, they decide to take off the tuition fees. So if you’ve been looking for where to study free, then think of studying in Germany. Please note that not all schools in Germany are tuition free. The public schools majorly are the ones not charging tuition fees, private schools on the other hand charge tuition fees of about 6000 euro per year.

In this article, we are going to consider or talk about tuition free universities in Germany, how you can enroll in these schools as an international students. Before we start, let us briefly talk about the cost of living in Germany.

Cost Of Living In Germany

If you have not visited Germany or lived there before, you may not know the cost of living in the country. As a student who intend to study in Germany, it’s important that you know the cost of living in Germany. Even though schools are free in Germany, the government still expects you to take care of your living expenses which you must proof in a blocked account during the visa processing stage. As at the year 2023, the cost of living in Germany is put at 934 euros per month. This amount is expected to take care of your feeding , accommodation, buying of books, recreation etc.

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Please note that a total of 11,208 must be seen in your blocked account during the visa processing. Once you have this amount and your visa approved, you will be expected to withdraw a maximum of 934 euros every month till you exhaust the entire amount of money.

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Cost Of Study In Germany

Like I said earlier, public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees at all. You only have to pay the semester contribution fees which is around 500 euro or thereabout. The government of Germany sponsors education by injecting huge amount of money into the sector and this is why students are exempted from paying tuition fees. Please note that only public schools are free in Germany, private schools all charge tuition fees of around 6000 euro annually.

How To Apply For Admission In Germany

If you are thinking of studying in Germany, you might want to know how to apply for admission into their universities. There are two ways of applying for admission into a Germany university and I am going to talk about it here. The first method is to apply through Uni-assist, this is an organization in Germany that assist international students with admission application. All you have to do is create an account on their website, fill the forms provided, upload your academic documents and submit to them. They will in turn take it to schools and apply on your behalf. The cost of of their services is 80 euros per application.

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Another way of applying for admission into a German University is through the school’s website. All you have to do in this case is to search for your program on their website, once you’ve found it, locate an online application for, fill in your details and submit for review. If the admission team approves of your application, an offer letter will be issued to you for visa application.

Documents Needed For Admission Processing 

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, just ensure that you have your high school certificate ready, for some countries, students will have to provide a higher or additional degree before they will be considered for undergraduate studies. In addition to this, a valid international passport is also required.

For postgraduate studies, a good first degree with transcripts is usually one of the first requirements. In addition to this, the school will need you to provide two reference letters, a CV and motivation letter. Ensure you get all these documents ready before you start your admission processing.

Top Tuition Free Universities In Germany

As you can see in the post, public universities in Germany are all operating tuition free education for all international students. If you want to study in their private university, you will have to pay tuition fees usually around 6000 euro per year. Now let us consider some of the tuition free universities in Germany that offer qualitative education.

  1. RWTH Aachen University
  2. University Of Cologne
  3. University Of Berlin
  4. Hamburg University
  5. University Of Diusburg – Essen
  6. Technical University Of Munich
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