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Low Tuition Universities In Portugal

If you are planning to attend an affordable school where the tuition fees is low, you can think of enrolling in some schools in Europe. Most schools in Europe have very very low tuition fees as well as living cost. Portugal is one of them. In today’s article, we shall be considering low tuition universities in Poland that offer qualitative education. We shall also look at the cost of living plus admission requirements in Portugal. Let’s get started….

List Of Low Tuition Universities In Portugal

If you are on low budget and you can’t afford to study in countries like the USA, UK and Australia, why not think of studying in Portugal where the tuition fees is low and affordable. Tuition fees in Portuguese universities are so low that you can spend around 1500 euro per year on tuition fees. Some schools charge around 3000 euros, but this should be the maximum you should expect to pay in their universities. Another good thing about studying in Portugal is the fact that their tuition fees can be paid in instalments, usually two instalments in an academic year.

Let us now take a look at some of these low tuition universities in Portugal, with very affordable tuition fees for international students.

  1. University Of Porto
  2. University Of Lisbon
  3. University Of Braga
  4. University Of Aveiro
  5. New University Of Lisbon
  6. Catholic University Of Portugal
  7. Atlantic University
  8. Moderna University
  9. University Of Coimbra
  10. University Of Minho
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These are just a few of the many universities in Portugal. The good thing is that these universities are very affordable with tuition fees in the range of 2000 to 3000 Euro per year and can be paid in installments over a period of time. If you are interested in any of these schools, I will advice that you contact them, by visiting their website, check for your program and if you meet the requirements, go ahead and apply for admission. Let us now consider one of the benefits associated with studying in Portugal.

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Low tuition universities in Portugal

Why Study In Portugal?

There are so many benefits associated with studying in Portugal, but let’s briefly consider a few of the now.

Low Tuition Fees

The universities in Portugal all have affordable tuition fees which is the more reason why many students choose to study in this country. For programs like Engineering, Sciences, Social Sciences etc, you should expect to pay between 2000 to 3000 euro per year.

Schengen Country

Portugal is one of the Schengen member country. Incase you don’t know what this means, let me briefly explain. If you are given visa to study in a Schengen country , let’s say like Portugal, while you are there, you can visit other Schengen countries, about 24 of them, without having to apply for visa. So this is the advantage students get when they apply to study in Portugal.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Portugal is very low and affordable usually in the range of 300 to 500 euro per month, infact this is one of the cheapest or lowest cost of living in Europe for international students. It’s way cheaper than what you have in countries like US, Australia and Canada.

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How To Apply For Admission To Study In Portugal

Applying for admission to study in Portugal is pretty straight forward, all you have to do is search for your desired program online, once you have seen it, request for admission materials and start your application.

The good thing is that all the schools in Portugal allow you to apply for admission online. For the online application, ensure you have created an account on the university’s admission portal and be handy with all required documents to upload.

When you are done filling all the information and uploading all required documents, submit your application and the admission team will go through it. If your application is approved, an admission or offer letter will be given to you.

How To Apply For Visa To Study In Portugal

Applying for visa to study in Portugal is easy and anyone can do it so long as you have the required documents. First let’s look at the documents needed to apply for visa.

  1. A valid acceptance letter from a recognized university
  2. Valid international passport
  3. Proof that your tuition fees has been paid
  4. Two passport photos
  5. Portugal student visa application form
  6. Proof of funds that you can take care of yourself
  7. Proof that you have an accommodation in Portugal
  8. Schengen health insurance cover
  9. Certificate of criminal record

Once you have all these documents ready, all you have to do is contact the nearest Portugal embassy in your home country and start visa application as soon as possible.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on the low tuition universities in Portugal. As you can see universities in Portugal are so affordable that you can pay as low as 2000 euro per year for it’s tuition. Do well to share this article so others can benefit from it.

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