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List Of Tuition Free Universities In Norway

In this guide, we are going to talk about tuition free education in Norway. Yes, you heard me well. All public universities in Norway are tuition free for international students. What this means is that students who wish to pursue their studies in this country do not have to pay any tuition fees at all. Norway is not the only country that is operating tuition free education, we have Germany also operating tuition free education to international students.

So today, we are going to look at a list of these tuition free universities in Germany, admission requirements plus every other information you need to know about studying in Norway. First let’s start with the cost of living.

Cost Of Living In Norway

When planning to go for studies abroad, its important that you consider the cost of living in that country. Yes, education in Norway is tuition free but you need to take care of your living expenses. Living expenses refer to the money you use to take care of your feeding, transportation, recreation, buying of books, accommodation etc. In Norway, the cost of living is put at 1200 euro per month. This amount will cover the cost of expenses such as food, accommodation, transportation etc, while you study in Norway.

Please note that the embassy will need to see proof that you have this amount in your sponsors account before a visa will be issued to you. Now let’s take a look at some of the tuition free universities in Norway that offer qualitative education at no cost.

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Tuition free universities in Norway

List Of Tuition Free Universities In Norway

The following are a few of the tuition free public universities in Norway that charge no tuition fees for international students:

  1. Norwegian University Of Life Sciences
  2. University Of Bergen
  3. Western Norway University Of Applied Sciences
  4. Ostfold University College
  5. Arctic University Of Norway
  6. Oslo Metropolitan University
  7. University Of South East Norway
  8. Nord University
  9. University Of Agder

These are just a few of the many public universities that don’t charge tuition fees for international students. Now we want to look at how to apply for admission into these universities.

How To Apply For Admission

Universities in Norway all accept application online. All you have to do is reach out to their website, locate the online application portal, sign up and start your application. Ensure you’ve filled all your personal and education information as accurately as possible and at the end, do well to submit your application. The admissions team will get back to you with the status of your application after few weeks. The following documents are usually needed during the online admission application.

For undergraduate studies, a high school certificate, valid international passport, passport photo are usually required for admission, whereas for masters degree, a good bachelors degree in a related field, valid international passport, Bsc transcripts, motivation letter, two reference letters. Once you have all these, ensure you upload them all during your admission application.

Once the admission team of the university has gone through your application and found out that you’re qualified for admission, an admission letter will be issued to you for visa application. After receiving you admission letter, get ready for your visa application. Here are the documents needed for your visa application..

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Norwegian Student Visa Documents 

The following documents will be required for you student visa application, so ensure you have all of them ready:

  1. A duly filled visa form
  2. Visa application fee of $650
  3. A valid international passport
  4. Admission letter from a recognized university in Norway
  5. Proof of accommodation in Norway
  6. A return flight ticket
  7. Signed UDI document checklist.

Visa Form

This is the Schengen visa form you can download online or get it from the Norwegian embassy. Ensure you fill all your details accurately without mistakes. All the information you fill will be verified by the embassy during visa processing.

Visa Application Fees

As is the case with all embassies, an application fees is required by the Norwegian embassy when applying for visa. The sum of $650 is usually required which must be paid before you submit your visa application.

Valid International Passport

When applying for visa, always ensure that your international passport is valid. If you apply with an invalid or expired passport, your visa application will be rejected by the embassy.

Admission Letter

We’ve talked about this earlier. Before you apply for visa, ensure that you’ve gotten an admission from a recognized university or high institution in Norway. You’ll be given an offer letter which must be used for the visa processing.

Proof of Accommodation

A proof of accomodation will be needed by the embassy, so if you’ve not gotten an accommodation yet, reach out to your school and let them secure a place for you. Once they’ve done that, ask for a document showing you have secured an apartment.

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A Return Flight Ticket

When applying for Norwegian visa, a return flight ticket is usually required incase you have immigration issues, they can use it and send you back home. So make sure you book a return ticket before applying for visa. You can do a mock reservation and use it for the application.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article on list of tuition free universities in Norway. You can now contact the schools and start your admission processing. Kindly share and comment at the end of this article. Thanks for reading.

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