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American Green Card Visa Lottery Application

What do you know about USA Visa Lottery ?

In this article, I will explicitly write about American Visa Lottery, the best and easiest way to grab the united states permanent residence.

You will also learn about the basic requirements for the green card lottery, how it is applied, the fees entitled, the aims and as well as the eligible countries.

Arguably, the world is constantly advancing and the need of humans to fits to their best and most favorable vicinity is gradually increasing. and here I need not remind you that USA is one of the most regarded country in the world with a lot of people vying to secure a spot there.

In every year they’re millions of hopeful immigrants aspiring for the US citizenship and only few are selected. according to the US data records, about 1 million people are granted permanent residency every year with 5% driven from the green card Lottery.

Due to a lot of inbound complications involved in the formal ways of applying for the US permanent residency, the green card lottery is introduced to further broaden the system by helping the less fortunate and as well as to reach every countries respectively.

What is Green Card Lottery ?

The Green Lottery officially known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme is the newest and most reliable way of getting the United States permanent residency Card.

The green card was signed into law by president George Bush in 1990 and was enacted in section 203(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and codified in title 8 section 1153 of the United States Code.

The US visa Lottery is one of the most transparent way of entering the united states. It has a fixed spot of 55,000 annually for the aspiring immigrants against millions of applicants applying each year.

The applicants are selected randomly using a computer software without giving maximum consideration to any country, the slots are mainly shared equally to all the counties depending on the immigration rates.

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It is also called a visa lottery and a Green Card lottery at the same time since winners are in the first place granted a visa that is then converted to a Green Card upon their entry into the Unites States.

this sounds pleasing and great right? of course yes’ but the odd is high and there is essence that it will not be in your favor.

Apart from being given a permanent residency prior to the received Green card, the green card also serves as identification card for the residents. the holder can equally use it to apply for the USA citizenship.

What are the Requirements for the USA Visa Lottery?

In other to apply for the the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme commonly know as Green Card, they’re series of necessary requirements you must meet.

Recall that they’re selected eligible countries for the Visa Lottery, the applicants must be a native of an eligible countries.

Below are the criterion for choosing the USA Visa Lottery eligibility for both countries and individuals.

Regional consideration

The USA Visa Lottery services is globally offered to every regions in the world depending on the numbers of the immigrants from each country. as usual, applicants from countries with very low immigration rates are normally considered most.

Despite the fact that the united states visa Lottery services is opened for applicants of every countries, they’re lots of ineligible countries which are restricted from applying. this is due to the policy that if a particular country has sent more than 50,000 immigrants within the last 5 years, then they’re not eligible any longer. although the eligibility changes every year depending on the immigration rates. currently due to this, 80% of the winners are mainly Africans and Europeans.

It is important to note that; no matter the declining rate in immigration, no any country will be given more than 7% of the available Diversity Immigrant Visa programme slots.

Following the previous years immigration rates reports, the following countries are not eligible for the USA Visa Lottery application.

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• Colombia

• Dominican Republic

• ElSalvador

• United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories

• Bangladesh

• Brazil

• Canada

• China (mainland-born)

• Haiti

• India

• Peru

• Philippines

• South Korea

• Vietnam

• Jamaica

• Mexico

• Nigeria

• Pakistan

Nevertheless, they’re should not be a set in misconception as why some supposed countries such as Ukraine, Myanmar, Peru, Cuba, Iraq, Ethiopia, Venezuela, Iran, Ecuador, Egypt Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Nepal are on the eligible list after sending more than 50,000 immigrants for the past five years.

this is because the term refers to the legal immigrants who migrated alongside family relatives, or for Job opportunities or any categories of immigration, this does not necessary includes other beneficiaries such as refugees, NACARA beneficiaries or any charity tender immigrants, hence they stand a chance to aspire.

Education & Work Experience

Before applying for the USA Visa Lottery, you must complete the basics high school education. this literarily means you must complete the 12 years elementary secondary school relating to the USA High school education system.

On work experience,

Within the last five years, you must have two years of work experience in a profession that needs at least two years of training or experience to perform.

To determine that, the Ministry uses the U.S. O*Net Online Database of the Department of Labor to assess qualifying job experience for  two years of training or experience known as Work Zone 4 or 5, rated as 7.0 or higher in a Particular Occupational Readiness Ranking.


You can equally include the name of your spouse regardless of his/ her country if any of the couple is eligible for the applications. it is required that the eligible spouse should include the other’s name and if selected, the two couples are entitled to the offer alongside their children.

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Note: a married 22 years will not be permitted to relocate along with them.

Age limits for applicants

The least certain age for applicants is about 18 plus, the under 18 are normally disqualified due to the education policy which requires him/her to have spent 12 years in school at least. literarily, there is no age limit for every other applicants.

You can equally apply for the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme irrespective of your race, religion or any social differences. you needn’t be a native speaker of English or perhaps write in English before applying, the registration is free and flexible if you meet the above criteria.

Before applying you must meet up the requirements to qualify as an immigrants. terrorists, criminals and the non mentally stabled are not allowed. you must not be a liability, you will have to work and find means of livelihood for yourself.

You can equally be given the Green Card Lottery even if you have registered with an immigrants visa pending the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme.

It is also worth noted that if the Diversity Immigrant Visa programme selectee dies, then automatically any of the attached children/ spouse will not be entitled to the Green Card because the DV will revoked with immediate effects.


The United States Visa Lottery services registration is free of charge, generally the application portal are normally opened in early October and it closes in early November.

You are to submit your Diversity Immigrant Visa programme DV Entry Form or DS-5501 online at Applications are only possible online and after that you will answer some few questions about yourself before completing the processes.

Note; being selected for the American Green Card Lottery does not necessary mean you’ll be granted the Diversity Visa, you will have to pass series of requirements before getting your visa approved or otherwise revoked.

Hurry up and apply for USA Visa Lottery now!

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